XENIA HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS LLP “One stop solution for all the events “

Xenia Hospitality Solutions LLP founded by Zeenia Master is based on a Greek concept of hospitality. Master’s profound experience in the hospitality space for over a decade has been the cornerstone for steering Xenia Hospitality as one of the distinguished providers of highly customised and innovative hospitality solutions.
Zeenia Master started freelancing in 2013 and at that time she used to go by the name of Xenia Events. Since the company evolved in its service and capabilities, she thought it was time for a brand change. So, on August 15, 2014, Master registered her company as Xenia Hospitality Solutions LLP. “ Guest-Friendship” is the literal meaning of the word Xenia in Greek. Like Indians, Greeks too believe that generosity and courtesy should be shown to those who are our guests. Xenia Hospitality Solutions works on similar liners, aiming at developing a personal bond with clients and making them feel a part of one family.
Master had a full-fledged career in hospitality before stepping into the shoes of hospitality solutions. She believes after working with a lot of 5 star properties over her career and before she hung up her apron for a measuring tape, that a certain level of service and attention to details is expected from a 5 star but it isn’t otherwise.
Earlier, relatives always managed weddings and other social events and the HR or the in-house team would handle corporate events. This is not the same anymore. This scenario is fast changing as the weddings, social and corporate events are getting larger then life. A simple Mehndi function requires a theme and customised décor etc. Also, with many people opting for different destinations for their events, even corporate handling the logistics of the guest is a huge undertaking, which needs to be handled by professionals.
Another factor that has contributed to this is the fact that the average Indian is well travelled and demands the service and quality that they know they can get. Keeping in mind the expectations of guests and the sheer grandeur and enormity of most of the events, these days, people have realised that they need professionals to handle this for them. “In the large scheme of things an additional 10% wont pinch them as much as their relatives and friends complaining says Master.
Dance for Humanity, Racing Hooves, Weddings at the Turf Club and NSCI Dome and destination weddings are some major events at Xenia Hospitality Solutions LLP have executed successfully.
Having worked for over a decade in the hotel industry has helped Master to understand the demands and requirements of her clients better and offer bespoke offerings. Since she has been on both the sides, it is an advantage for her. “The Hyatt taught me consistency, The Landmark London taught me discretion and poise, Hotel Missoni taught me fines and glamour, Sofitel taught me grace and reintroduced me to the love of cuisines & wine and Shangri-La taught me the value of loyal customers,” states Master.
Every 5 Star brand has their unique characteristics which becomes a part of your professional personality. Apart from this the general grooming, punctuality, attention to detail, taking responsibility, being courteous, efficiency, extensive knowledge of service, food and beverages has helped Master to give her clients unique solutions.
Another advantage of having worked in a hotel is that she knows the integral working of the hotel, how to do room allocation, how to utilize the concierge service, setting menus, arranging welcome packs, personalised check-ins and check-outs etc. She says working with a hotel staff helps you a lot as once you are in their good books, they do move heaven and earth to help you out as there is a lot of equipment that they have which aids you at the last minute.
Master functions by the philosophy “We invite you to your own event”, where everything is taken care of and you can enjoy the occasion and create memories that would last you a lifetime. Her experience allows her to provide personal service wherein all generally tend to become a part of the family.

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