With the advent of Social media, Entrepreneurship is slowly and gradually becoming a celebrated profession with each day passing by. But then, most of the times we talk about entrepreneurship from the point of view of numbers, term sheets, valuations, funding, etcetra. However, there is certainly much more to an entrepreneur and the startup which is way beyond those above listed things. But that part is not heard of or not talked about often.
Taking inspiration from the same situation, Aditya Arora- CEO at Faad Times, came up with the idea of The Faad Show. It provides a platform for entrepreneurs to loosen out a bit, relax and share their journeys to inspire everyone while fun being at the helm of things. The mission is to mission is to create a series of episodes to take entrepreneurship all the more fun, and show the cool and funky side of entrepreneurs.
And the video of the first episode has been out already. (
In the video, Aditya can be seen asking some candid and straightforward questions to Mr Sanchit Garg, Co-Founder at Travel Triangle. There are questions on his personal life and the story behind Travel Triangle becoming such a big name of what it is.
The format of the show is what makes it unique and a must watch for every entrepreneur, wannapreneur, and to every person who just wants a light hearted theme show on the core aspects of Entrepreneurship. Let us take a look at how the show looks like.
There is a 20 minutes session in which an entrepreneur shares his journey. Three rounds to be followed within the span of the 20 minutes:

  1. Shuruvaati pehlu – Here the entrepreneur talks about his early life, childhood days and would take questions on the same
  1. Saawaalat Niji Zindagi ke – Here the entrepreneur takes questions on his role model, what he loves to do in his past time, any prank/ fun/ any incident of fun with a friend.
  1. Paari Entrepreneurship kii – Here the entrepreneur discusses his stint with entrepreneurship that made him what he is today
  1. Step on the Fire – A rapid fire round asking questions on favorites (movie, books, song) , concluded by vote of thanks and some exciting hampers.

Isn’t the show looking interesting, and so is the first episode. Aditya has received a lot of recognition for the work he has done for the show. And the audiences are simply loving it. The video has clocked more than 10,000 views within just a week. Audiences are appreciating the rationale behind the show, and the simplicity with which the show goes on till the 15 minute.
Aditya says that, “Getting so much recognition at such an age always keeps me motivated. It was the very first time I had done a professional shooting. Now with all the success of the first episode, I am convinced that I pulled of a decent job. The audiences are excited for the second episode, which would be bigger and better. I just hope that I get the unwavering support of my audiences once again, and this show reaches to masses.”
Countless hours on script, production and numerous other things were spent. And the show truly depicts all of that. The young boy studying a finance course at SSCBS, surely aims to reach heights and make it big in the ecosystem.

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