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Public Domain Photography Is Now Spelt “PixaHive”

When it comes to capturing a large market share in a given niche, one of the more important key factors is to capture the niche first. And PixaHive has done so by becoming India’s first and foremost platform, focusing on making advanced photography accessible to the public domain.

It is not uncommon to hear of innovations backed by corporate behemoths that cause major disruptions in specific markets within a month or so. PixaHive, on the other hand, is completely bootstrapped. The sole investor in this organization is also its founder, Rohit Tripathi. In his words, PixaHive is a platform that was created host images that are free to use by anyone, and is one of the first websites in India to do so.

Within two weeks of its launch, the platform has created a massive tremor among the market and community of photography, leading to its continued massive climb in popularity among the public. Currently, the organization has over 200 registered contributors to the site, and projections have its contributor base capped at tens of thousands, if not many more. This excludes the general audience that will utilize the site for the sole purpose of browsing available images in hopes of obtaining one for free. This priceless availability alone is expected to disrupt the Indian stock photo market, whose major players currently expect continued revenue directly from its users, either in the form of bundled purchases or recurring subscription fees.

Thanks to PixaHive’s stringent content monitoring policies, contributions of copyrighted images or low-quality pictures are banned almost immediately, and continued practices that violate the Terms of Service of the platform can lead to the user’s license to access the site revoked.

According to its founder, this organization aims to solve the problem of small-time bloggers requiring captivating images for their site, while also subverting the usage of illegal images on their sites. Irrelevant of whether the user is aware of the status of an image’s legality in terms of reproduction or commercial use, PixaHive aims to bring down illegal usage of images. Every little bit helps, as the Internet is a vast place and it is a matter of tedium to track how all images posted on the Internet are being used.

Currently, Rohit has plans to incentivize the utilization of the platform for contributors. With free images being made accessible to everyday users, he aims to include a bonus reward compensation program for frequent contributors and their continual contributions, thereby providing a monetary incentive for both parties to utilize this platform in the long run. This way, small businesses are expected to support PixaHive in return for its provision of free, high-quality images.

Rohit Tripathi has also stated that a company is in the works, and very soon, PixaHive would soon become a private, limited company, with plans for expansion awaiting the organization down the road. With the current state of the stock photo market and PixaHive’s strict, reinforced regulations, the platform can be expected to zoom past its competitors in no time.


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