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Bri Innovations Launches Two “Sensibly Innovative” Products

Recently, we have seen a surge in new products that would never have been thought, if the covid had not affected India. It’s an observation, only from the market perspective of the pandemic, it is unfortunate that so many of our citizens have been deeply impacted.

We notice that people started using sanitizers, a liquid that existed in the Pre-covid times which no one bought. They started buying scarfs and handkerchiefs, metal spray, nanotech silver-coated sprays, neem sanitizers, spray standees, electronic dispensing, oximeters, and thermometers, etc., etc.

Manufacturers had a dream run on these products while it lasted.

The covid situation in the month of Oct was almost controlled in India. But with festivals around the corner, people became relaxed, went out shopping, and the exact covid numbers were not shown to promote more marketing and business traction. Well understood.

Hence, the second wave of patients and uncontrolled community spreading has started again.

Unfortunately, people are buying the cloth mask, wearing a dupatta to cover their face, and playing with their lives. Everyone knows that a cloth mask is a worst and only second to not wearing one. Unfortunately, it is the decoration and the comfort of low cost that motivates people into buying them. 

Here in Pune and Mumbai, we see these cloth masks selling for as low as Rs 5 in wholesale and retailers selling them at Rs 20. When asked to the wholesaler whether they know these masks don’t protect, the answer was fascinating.

He said “you are literate and well-read and so you know about it, but the general people need something to cover their face, just to show that they care or not to pay fines, they are not so literate and educated sir. Why should we teach them and spoil our business? 

If they believe that this cloth can save them and they spend so less, we only act as fuel to this. It’s pure business. Those who will be affected will go to the hospital and recover.” One can notice that the seller knows his game very well.

We thought of a novel solution for the more “educated “ and more “informed”. People who need to work all day with someone sitting next to them, like banks, call centers, IT workspaces, Cash counters, Police, traffic controllers, machine operators, numerous blue-collared workers, journalists, health officials, inspection officers, politicians, and local administrative staff, etc. 

From our observation, it is clear that people don’t really need a mask all day. It’s actually a face shield that covers well is enough to go on working with safe distancing. 

A face shield is just enough to catch the microparticles coming out from ones’ mouth and just enough to deflect others coming their way. Generally, the air is quite refreshing and cleaner than ever. Coronavirus is not floating in the air to get sucked into someone’s system.

Nowadays, the mask is being worn on the chin, removed, or simply slid down to breathe easy. Especially while talking and while working in warm conditions.

It is the warm air and the carbon dioxide intake that creates all the havoc, from loss of concentration to mood swings to eventual frustrations and of course heavy breathing.

People who have bought cloth masks must not have washed it even for months and keep wearing it every day. Made from low grade and discarded waste cloth, stitched with a third quality foam inside, making people believe that it is enough to cheat the virus and keep them protected.


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The silliest thing about this mask is that they are trying to make it a canvas for artwork and making it attractive when actually its purpose is purely to protect. We opened up one such mask to check what was inside.

Unfortunately, the virus is so small like a tennis ball & such masks are like large windows for them. Even the ministry and all of the govt officials have been posting about it. Our Dear PM goes on air to say that we need to be more sensible.

Aro pro face shield that we have launched, has three main features. 

  •  Firstly, it covers the nose and the mouth, it is to control one’s microparticles going out rampantly, while coughing or talking. There is a polyester washable fabric that holds it and can be washed again. One can replace it with any good filter paper that they have. Important is to hold the micro quantities of saliva or spit coming out of the mouth.
  • Secondly, it has a container below, for keeping camphor or cotton dipped in eucalyptus oil or sandalwood oil. We have over 200 types of medicinal oils, ayurvedic to unani to homeopathy. 
  • Traditionally and historically, We have known for a long that vapors from these are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. The vapors are the ones that act as a secondary mask to make a shield around the face. One is able to breathe fresh all day. The choice of aroma is left to the people. We suggest Camphor tablets to be the most effective.
  • Lastly, it is designed to be very light on the ear as the weight of the visor is designed to be divided between the shoulders and the ear. It need not be pressed on the head for hours like the typical cheap face shield, The ring is flexible to open up and resembles the stethoscope, and easy for almost every person to wear it quickly. Often people wearing cloth masks or N95 complain about the redness of the ears and the pull that they feel while wearing it since it has to be held tightly or else it slips down easily.
    2020 12 03 5 IMG 20201203 135428

Aropro – actually means Aroma-Protect. We have filed for a patent on these six months back and awaiting a speedy grant. It is for people who have moustaches, beards. It is for people who have trouble breathing, it is for people who have interaction with a lot of people on day to day basis. It is for people who want to protect others by controlling their speech and reach of their microparticles.

Yet another product that we innovated on is the covid Key.

A new form of finger extension was quickly made by cutting wood or brass pieces and spread in the market as key chains and personal carry items. However, it is limited to pushing buttons only.

We noticed that “sensible “people carried sanitizer with them and many wore gloves to be safer.

We invented a combination of the strong hook and container the sanitizer and soap solution and a feature at the bottom to twist it. This combination allows a person to be free from touching any surface, be it a handle, shutter, lifts doors, buttons, carrying bags, operating ATMs and pos machines, etc. In case he has to touch somewhere there is always a sanitizer or better still the best weapon against covid: Soap solution at hand. It is easy to carry and keep in the pocket too. We have named it as Finger on the Go – Finggo.

IMG 20201203 135456 IMG 20201203 135555

We believe that for covid times, one has to protect their hands and keep their breathing in check, that’s it. Once that is secure, the immunity of the person has definitely a role to play. In this way, we can together eradicate covid completely. It has to be a collaborative effort.

Both the products are available at convenient rates.


IMG 20201203 135651.v1

Also on https://www.amazon.in/s?k=bri+innovations&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

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