10 Startups which became unicorns in record time


A private company valued at $1 billion or more is called as “Startup Unicorns or Unicorns“.  In US alone, there are 135 companies which are unicorns.

The billion-dollar technology startup was once the stuff of myth. Today they’re seemingly everywhere, backed by a bull market and a new generation of disruptive technology.

It takes a good time to reach that valuation but some companies became unicorns beating the odds. These 10 startups just took less than 3 years to reach that milestone.

We created this infographic of these fastest 10 startups. See the infographic from bizztor.

It is tough and takes a lot of effort to reach $1billion valuation but it is not impossible. If you are a startup founder, dream to make it big.

Source: Bizztor

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