A Shining Star In Professional Boxing: The Tale Of Rajeeth Singh Sethi


Rajeeth Singh Sethi is a professional boxer from India who has created a success story with wins in twelve fights and numerous medals in various boxing championships conducted all over the world. The popularity of combat sports in India – including boxing and wrestling – are continuously growing in India, and so is Rajeet’s fame as the country’s five-foot-eleven, super middle-weight boxing champion.

Rajeeth’s personal history:

Rajeeth Singh Sethi was born on the 29th of August, 1997, in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He was born to a Sikh family. Rajeeth Singh’s father, Taranjeeth Singh Sethi, is an entrepreneur, and his mother, Darshan Kaur Sethi, is a homemaker. He is from a family of four, including his younger brother, Manpreeth Singh. Rajeeth’s younger years were spent in completing his primary education from Slate – The School. His adolescent and early twenties were expended pursuing his intermediate schooling from St. Mary’s. Rajeeth completed his formal education after graduating from TWG International, Hyderabad, with a degree and ILM from the institute.

The road to a champion:

Rajeeth has always admired international boxing champions, including heavy-weights like Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali, as he had a great interest in boxing since his impressionable young years. He was greatly motivated and inspired by his uncle, Syed Raza Hussain Abedi, who was a former national boxing champion. This inspiration, in coupling with his own passion and his family’s encouragement to pursue his ferocious interest in the field, was followed by Rajeeth’s passionate entry into the field of national boxing, followed by winning his way to various championships and carving himself a name in the hall of fame of boxing.

The highest of highs:

With the clear objective of winning glory for India in competitive combat sports, Rajeeth worked wholeheartedly towards his dream, and showcased his natural ability in professional boxing, nurturing the growth of his style of combat by leaps and bounds. His dedication and hard work, apart from bringing glory and fame for Indian sports through his contribution, has also made him a popular and successful name in the field of professional Indian boxing. Rajeeth is currently building towards his dream of winning various international boxing championships, and if history repeats itself, the world of international professional boxing championships will not know what hit them.

A list of victories:

Rajeeth’s passion and dedication have translated into multiple prestigious wins: medals and championships. The impressive list of his medals includes: 

  • School Games State championship, 2012 – Gold medallist;
  • School Games District Championship, 2012 – Gold medallist;
  • Open real Gold championship, 2019 – Gold medallist;
  • Participant in the National Games held in India, 2013;
  • Telangana State Championship 2016 – Gold Medal;
  • Nipune National Awards – Gold Medal;

Apart from being a nation-renowned professional boxer, Rajeeth Singh Sethi is also an actor, and is listed in the Internet Movie Database, better known as IMDb. His recent contributions to acting include having signed up for a role in Haunted Hills, an upcoming Bollywood movie, during the month of June, 2020.

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