Ayurveda is the old route which is the new way to go

Today’s consumer chooses to be aware of what they are consuming. They bargain the right to be aware of what they are using. And we share a similar thought. Thus, we put out strong communication about our products, their process of making, the information on their sourcing and their clinical validation. We support it via tech integration on the products itself, which will educate the customers about the products and about AADAR.

At AADAR, we aim to be a concept, a movement and not merely a brand or a product; which aims to bring in the inculcate good habit into one’s lifestyle in today fast paced arena where millennials struggle for the right work life balance and the balance between care & health. AADAR IS ALL ABOUT FORMING GOOD OLD HABITS.

We expect a sustainable increase in sales; because of the brand loyalty we aim to build, with this change in the market positioning. Today’s customer is all about transparency and self-awareness. Millennials don’t want to be told what to be done. They want to know what’s inside and they then want to decide on their own of what to do with it. They are more self-educated and self-aware. They want to go beyond “Seeing is believing”; they want to “experience to believe”. And this trend and consumer mind set is what we will capture with the change is positioning. And we aim to be India’s no. 1 and most trusted and transparent brand in this segment in a few years’ time.

Direct to consumer is the mantra for all business in the coming times. And we want to be ahead of that curve at least in our industry. Hence technology embodiment in all we do will become more and more critical.

All digital media but more than that integrations like QR codes, subscription commerce along with transparent testing information of the product made available to the consumer shall be very critical for us. We aim to hack all sales channels using technology. Be it retail or even social commerce.

Hence aiming to be the leading digital brand for lifestyle consumable products bringing various benefits of the traditional systems to the modern consumer in a futuristic manner.

Sustainability. It’s a buzzword in the recent times. But if you look closely it has been the necessity for existence and survival. Be it business, environment or be it living life itself. And we are no different. For building a sustainable business you must create a sustainable ecosystem.

One such example is how we manufacture our products. It is manufactured by SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association), in a co-op. fashion, where there is a motto of giving back to the society behind the making of each product.

At AADAR, we look forward to create such sustainable ecosystems as it plays a pivotal role in our long-lasting success.

Brand Pointers –


Founding Date (Incorporation, Operations) – Mar 2018
The problem being solved – Preventive Healthcare especially from chronic lifestyle conditions.
Product/ Idea – Products in various modern forms; built on age-old knowledge of Ayurveda, based on natural ingredients targeted towards modern lifestyle and the consumer; for chronic conditions i.e. Protein Gaps, Blood Sugar, Digestive wellness, Cholesterol, Obesity, etc.
Last 12 months revenue in case monetized already (actual revenue and not GMV/Sales) – ~ INR 25 L in revenues, 5000 unique customers
Traction/stage (indicate current monthly revenue, current monthly burn rate, and other traction numbers) – Doing ~ INR 6 L in monthly revenues currently; ~ 35% repeat orders, ~ 750 orders every month, ~1500 units selling per month, 70% avg. gross margins, Avg order size – 410, ~ 33% m-o-m growth last 6 months
Team – CEO was the co-founder of (exited to, Ex-PALL Corp. Ex-IIT-Bombay (2010 Dual Degree), the Co-founding team has Ex-Investment Banker, IIT-Bombay (2012 Grad)
Core differentiation from direct/ indirect competitors(Any IPs ?) – Brand positioning towards preventive for specific conditions a white space within the sector, Re-marketing and Partnerships, Unique and Effective Products, Protected Under provisional Patents; Have cracked huge customer base through Amazon and similar marketplaces with very high loyalty; “Safe & No Side effects” with Natural ingredients; base a plus;
Target Market, Market Trends –

Targeting consumer between 25-45 age group, with digital access.
Close to 40% of the global population suffer from a chronic illness.

The spend on all these put together is approx. $ 130 Bn annually.
Indians spend ~$ 7 Bn on such conditions and are on track to spend $ 12 Bn in 2023.
Their plan is to look for convenient lifestyle alternatives which can help avoid such conditions.
India would have 1/3rd of its population within the 25-45 age group; by around 2021;
It is expected that, in 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years;
1of 5 Indians is at risk of chronic lifestyle conditions.
This trend drives for the aggressive need for preventive healthcare products specifically via digital channels.

77% of Indian Households used Ayurvedic products for domestic use (in 2017).
2x growth in no. of households with disposable income > $25K per annum in 2018-2023 period; 3x growth in no. of internet subscriber base in 2018-2023 period; 4x growth in no. of mobile subscriber base in 2018-2023 period.

o Go To Market Strategy – List, sell and advertise on major marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart; Partnerships on other marketplaces e.g. 1mg, Netmeds, etc.; Target Online distributor app business which does direct business with pharmacies.
o Advisors: Syed Safawi (Ex-CEO VLCC HEALTHCARE, Ex-CEO -Coca Cola Indo China, Ex- ED, Airtel)

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