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Aditi is a wannabe entrepreneur who is thinking of quitting her job and starting up. She is a marketing professional in a large US MNC catering to clients globally. She wants to start a consultancy firm of her own and grow it over time. She has saved a few lakhs in capital and is now looking for a Chartered Accountant to help her startup, get the necessary registrations and licenses and guides her the in the right direction to manage her business compliances. Aditi has heard about from one of her friends who has utilized FinanceBazaar services. So, she has also decided to avail the professional services of experts at

So, how can we help entrepreneurs like Aditi? is combining all financial services such as startup business registration, licenses, GST services, Tax services, credit and loans, insurance and other financial services under one roof. The goal is to provide entrepreneurs with a one-stop solution for their needs so that they don’t have to run around from one CA to another. FinanceBazaar has empanelled Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers across India to solve the pain points faced by entrepreneurs, many of whom are starting up for the first time and need a lot of handholding.

Changing entrepreneurial landscape in India post GST ACT

India is undergoing rapid technological, social, cultural and entrepreneurial evolution every single day. Every month more than 10,000 new startups are registered across India1 and this is not counting the millions of small traders and shopkeepers who are registered as sole proprietorships. Since the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in July 2017, more than 10 million businesses have registered under GST Act. Indian consumers a well as businesses have accepted that GST is here to stay. I

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Indians have started using debit and credit cards and mobile wallets to make payments and the Indian economy is becoming a more formal economy from a cash economy. More and more Indians are coming in the tax bracket and paying taxes for the first time. Last year alone, approx. 1 crore new taxpayers paid income tax for the first time. The change in the Indian economy has impacted our lives and impacted the entire process of starting and running a business. This is where online platforms like are filling the gap and playing an important role by helping entrepreneurs and professionals to manage their businesses and their finances.

How can an entrepreneur and an individual benefit from FinanceBazaar? offers a variety of services for both businesses and individuals.

For Business

For Individuals

Company Registration

Income Tax Return ITR Filing

Private Limited Formation

Home Loan

NBFC Formation

Personal Loan

GST Registration

Car Loan

GST Returns Filing

Life Insurance Term Plan

Trademark Application

Car Insurance

ISO Certificate

Health Insurance

Business Valuation

Mutual Funds

Investor Memorandum & Pitch Deck


Business Loan & SME Loan

Tax Saving & Financial Planning

All other professional services

Other Financial Services

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