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Casper opens a storefront for sleepy New Yorkers who need a nap

casper opens a storefront for sleepy new yorkers who need a nap

Casper is opening a storefront designed specifically for sleepy New Yorkers in need of a nap. In The Dreamery, people can booknooks for 45 minutes at a time, at a cost of $25 per session. These nooks are basically giant wooden “O”s with curtains and soundproofed backing, and of course they’re stocked with Casper beds.


There are also lockers to drop off your stuff, private washrooms to get cleaned up, a lounge for hanging out and drinking coffee before or after, plus additional amenities like pajamas and Headspace “sleepcasts.”

“The Dreamery is about making sleep and rest a part of our regular wellness routines — similar to how many people prioritize a workout class,” said COO Neil Parikh in a statement. “The concept enables us to pilot new ways of bringing better sleep to more people and to more places — whether that’s here, the workplace, airports, or beyond.”

This new storefront is located on the same New York City block as a Casper sleep store. So, the customers can buy the mattresses also from the sleep store.

Source: Bizztor

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