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Commit to awesome travelling with wildlense.com

Travel industry in India is indubitably huge. While the holiday-lovers get a whole plethora of travel deals everywhere on the internet, it becomes quite a brain teaser to choose the one that fulfills its promise of delivering you the unsurpassed travelling experience without swindling your money. But the ordeal ends here as Wildlense.com is one such website that makes holidays super-awesome with a bunch of great deals for wildlife and nature lovers. Seems like your best dream, isn’t it? Believe us, it is not a dream any more. Wildlense.com can fulfill your dreams within the blink of an eye.

No wonder that our Indian sub-continent is rich in most beautiful diversity of flora and fauna. The pleasant climate, topology and environment of the country support a boom in several species of flora and simultaneously offer a natural abode to a number of wildlife species in the country. Let us allow figures to do the rest. There are more than 18000 flowering plants and around 50,000 plant species in our country. One can easily find tropical areas, desert, rainy areas and mountains in India. There also exists a national forest policy resolution for the maintenance and protection of forests in India. The forests have an area of 743,534 Km2 in area as per latest records. On the other hand, around 4.4 % of amphibian, 6.2 %of reptiles, 11.7 %of aquatic animals, 12.6 %of birds and 7.6% of mammals in the world reside in the Indian areas. India is also the home for some of the rarest species of animals in the world.

Considering the aforesaid, Mr. Gyaan Dixit, founder of Wildlense.com, initiated this travel website to assist wildlife lovers in the quest of exploring and discovering the breathtaking wildlife and natural forests of India. So, what makes this website best from the rest is the five-star professional team working 24×7 to take care of your needs especially during your adventure dates with wildlife. The travel experts plan your trips like a family and even, provide special trip guidance so that you get a Value for Money trip. The website also offers economical tourist packages, professional drivers and tour guides to assure that travelers enjoy a safe and comfortable journey. The tour guides are renowned not only to bring travelers with custom-designed safari vehicles but also deliver an expert and unmatched knowledge about the visited places unlike other safari operatives.

Besides this, what works as an icing on the cake is LIFER, a special birding experience for bird-lovers where the exclusive trips include places admired for being a paradise for array of birds. Just imagine enjoying tranquility on the river banks where colorful birds seem like singing a song for you exclusively. Sounds mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Wildlense.com is an exclusive platform for all wildlife related stuff like camera, books, images, specific information about national parks, safaris, travel bags, wildlife biographies, DVDs and everything that captures the attention of wildlife lovers. This exclusive collection displays such angles of the Earth that will make you experience wildlife beauty at home also.

The website’s only mission is to bring all the astonishing surfaces of nature to you howsoever you like i.e. whether through its enthralling wildlife and nature trip packages or through enjoying wildlife stuff on your couch in the comfort of your home.

Last but not the least, if you also crave to see mighty animals like Asiatic Lions, Bengal Tigers, One-horned rhinos, Swamp seers and the alike for real, book your trips easily at Wildlense.com and we promise that you will have THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

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