Dhananjay Keys- A Sensational Man Who Creates Enchanting Music With His Magical Fingers!


“If you can’t figure out your purpose, then figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

As passion is a spark for everything, in and itself is not enough. You need something to keep it going. And that is when your purpose fuels the passion and keep you working. This investment and dedication to your passion will lead you to success. One such talented and passionate man who is creating milestones at a very young age is none other than our magical finger- Dhananjay, Popularly known as Dhananjay keys. He is a man that drives our brain crazy when his fingers touch his keyboard. A true teacher would never tell you what to do. But he would give you the knowledge with which you could decide what would be best for you to do. Such is a guru, Dhananjay has got. He is a student of Dr. Rajgopal Kallurkar for 14 years. What an exceptional student he is, following the footsteps of the guru by learning truthfully and implementing it in creating mind-blowing music. He has also added Hindustani tabla into his choice of music and excelled in it. Dhananjay is a very rare synth player and performer. People are just memorized by listening to his songs and seeing him play is pure bliss. This excellent talent is a graduate of Wiztoonz college of Media and Designs. Dhananjay is recognized worldwide as magical fingers, once he starts playing his instrument, your eyes are fixated on it. Music is a beautiful art and only an artist will bring the real worth of it. Learning instruments and mastering it takes a lot of time and energy and then creating milestones with it takes all your years of life but Dhananjay is achieving such great height in just 22 years of his life. He is a budding artist with 800+ subscribers on youtube and 2000+ followers on Instagram. Dhananjay is a musician, editor, Logo designer, and photographer.

He is the proud son of Kalaratna chidanand Kulkarni who is an artist and drama mentor and an amazing father. Mr. Kalaratna is also known as a music teacher who runs “Kalpataru school of Dance Drama and Music”. Even Dhananjay works with his father in enhancing the world of music. He is a dedicated music composer who is making the world turn to him. Working in the kalpataru school of dance drama and music shows his choice of transferring the blessed knowledge to the upcoming generation. Dhananjay has won a National level  Balanata prashasthi award. He has won the Karnataka state award, adding praise to his name and becoming an inspiration to look up at.
He is a proud worker at India’s No 1 Radio station – Radio City 91.1 FM. This might let us wonder how can one-person be doing so many things, but we are forgetting how talented Indian is and can be. Dhananjay is deeply rooted in Indian culture and he has preserved that by working to give back the world magnificent music which leaves us craving for more.

Dhananjay is one such personality who is driven with passion and love for music that his works attract us so quickly just like bees are drawn towards honey, the result is sweet but leaves us yearning for more. He is a budding artist and surely a one to look up at in the upcoming days for he will make history one day. 

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