Digital marketing tools to skyrocket your online sales

digital marketing tools to skyrocket your online sales

The online fashion industry is getting crowded day by day making it even more difficult to pick the best brand from the pack.
With the fierce competition of the market, reaching and converting potential customers is as challenging as summiting the Everest.
For most of the people, it is important to understand that creating a great website for their retail brand is only a part of equation, promoting it is the other half part to increase sales. There are ample of online ecommerce store of all sizes and shapes, some of them are doing excellent while some are struggling to make a place among them.
But all of them have one thing in common. They run with a strategy. They all have a successful e-commerce digital marketing strategy with which they present a solid online image in front of their customers. A digital marketing strategy not only improves their brand presence and sales, it also increases their brand awareness.
To get the most out of your digital fashion store, here are 5 top most strategies or you can say tools to make sure you are getting the most band for your marketing dollars.

Start promoting your brand with a Facebook Campaign

We have placed this strategy at first in our list basically for four reasons. First, it is very easy to implement, second it is cost effective, third you can present your sales ad to the right audience and fourth is obvious, it works.
So learn how to run Facebook ads and execute them to get some traffic and to make sales even. Their sole objective is to make “website conversions”.

Run a Google adwords campaign

With Google adwords as we all know, we can place our ads on Google search engine and on hundreds of websites that supports Google adsense.
For Google adwords, make your ads keyword oriented so that when people search for your products your ad shows up on the top.
The best thing is that you can measure everything, so that in a couple of weeks you can decide whether Google adwords is a thing for you or not.

Create seasonal style guides for your products

If you own a fashion brand containing a variety of clothing items like designer shirts for men, ethnic wears for women and casual wears for both, present a style guide for everyone explaining how to wear your designer clothes in style.
And yes don’t limit yourself to a single guide only. Go for the specific style guides for every season like Fall, Spring, Winters and summers. You can even make style guides for different occasions like wedding, festivals or halloweens.
You can list these guides on your site in a separate section or create different blogs detailing in-depth knowledge of each item in your collection.

Run Instagram giveaways to increase your brand awareness

Instagram giveaways can be a regular feature for your brand and are very beneficial to promote your new products at the beginning of every new month.
These Instagram giveaways are a good strategy to increase your Instagram followers and brand awareness. Use popular and recognizable hashtags for your Instagram giveaways and create one special hashtag for each Instagram giveaway.

Get in touch with the influencers of your category

Influencers are goldmines for your developing online brand image. Maintain a constant contact with your brand’s influencers like vloggers and bloggers who already has a dedicated following to represent your catalog in front of the people who like your brand.
These influencers are respected by their readers thus can have a huge impact on the audience if they mention, review or even wear your products. The creative take and their influence for your product will garner a great audience around your brand.
So these are the new and exciting ways of generating customers for your online fashion brand. Marketing is not something that should be put off for the sole motto of sales and conversions.
In Fact, It should be a contagious process reflecting your brand image in front of the audience who have interest in your products.
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