Do You Sleep Enough Before Playing Poker Online?

Online poker is a game of psychological warfare that demands amazing mental capability to sustain and thrive. A sufficient amount of thinking, cross thinking odds, decision making, and a savage level of reverse psychology is applied in online poker tournaments and cash games especially when played against the pros.

Therefore, you need to have a robust mental health if you wish to withstand stressful situations when you play poker online and achieve better results in future. In this blog, we shall talk about the importance of sleep and how it affects your results in online poker games.

How Insufficient Sleep Affects your Game

  • You will be losing focus

Online poker is a mentally taxing game and you need to stay focused throughout the session if you want to bring down your opponents especially if you are multi-tabling in online poker tournaments. You got be aware of your opponent’s game in order to defeat them and this is possible only with razor sharp focus and alertness which is unachievable without 7-8 hours of sleep.

  • You will be losing patience

If you are playing a tournament for any stake you deem fit, you know you will have to sit through a long session, probably for hours. There will be tricky hands, there will be dead hands, there will be bad beats and there will be dry boards. It’s going to be a long grind and you got to sit through them all until you are in the money! Without enough sleep, you are bound to lose it on one of these occasions and that will be the end for all the hard work you put in.

Playing online poker games without sufficient sleep is bound to make you feel sleepy all the time and you will be secretly wishing for the game to be over scrapping yourself away from all the fun and the rewards in itself.

  • You will be tilting sooner in no time!

When you lose patience in online poker games, this is what shall follow. All it takes is one bad beat and you will be tilting all the way before you know it! The skill game shall soon turn into a gambling disaster amounting to massive dent in your bankroll which you shall deeply regret later.

  • You will lose important information

Remember when our moms insisted us to sleep early before exams? To achieve positive results in online poker games too, you got to retain your poker lessons and all the do’s and don’ts that you may have learnt from your past experience. Having sufficient sleep helps the brain to function better by organizing and retaining important information, hence aiding memory function. If you do not sleep enough before your big game, chances are you won’t be remembering any of the good stuff and wake up with a cluttered mind!

How to Improve Your Sleep Routine? (h2)

You know the ills of not sleeping enough when you play poker online. So, those of you who are struggling to sleep like a baby, adopt these habits to play poker online better and get right numbers. We are going to list some for you.

  • Avoid drinking coffee or tea at night, replace it with a cup of green tea or any herbal tea to sleep better.

  • Reduce your time with the smartphone, keep it on silent mode and avoid staring at the screen before sleep time

  • Include physical activity in the morning, it could be a mix of cardio and yoga

  • Practice meditation every day for at least 15 minutes to improve your focus

  • Keep your sleeping room clean and clutter free

  • Listen to healing music to reduce stress and induce deep sleep

Alright, enough with the heavy talk, let’s pay a quick visit online poker site that’s rolling out fresh online poker games and tournaments that you could play for easy buy-ins and enjoy higher returns.

PokerBaazi introduces Private Tables on its Online Poker App (h3)

India’s popular online poker platform, PokerBaazi recently hit the headlines by introducing the option of private tables on its mobile app. Players can now enjoy online poker games and tournaments with their friends at exclusive tables on their own terms!

Something that’s worth a try for all online poker enthusiasts, here’s a short steps guide on how to create your own private table to play poker online on PokerBaazi.

  • Download the PokerBaazi app and create your free account

  • Hit the Lobby to find Private Tables underneath the game variants

  • You get two options- join a private table/ create a private table

  • You may create your own table by filling some inputs

  • Inputs- game variant, no, of players per table, stakes, minimum & maximum buy-in

  • Once the table is created, you will be offered an invite code.

  • Use the code to join the table and hit play!

Also, check out their latest year end promotions to end this year on a high note. Get some good sleep tonight and hit the tables tomorrow. All the best!

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