Eatym- Helping Restaurants To Be More Organized By All In One POS System

Have you ever thought about a single software that takes care of every task that is carried out in the restaurant? Right from taking orders to home delivery, kitchen and inventory/ stock management, including floor jobs, staff management, etc. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? How about having a software that creates and handles the complete ecosystem of the restaurant??

It seems that now we are doing the right talk, aren’t we?

If you are someone from the restaurant industry, then surely you can empathize with the issues faced by the restaurants, while juggling between multiple soft wares for the effective management of the restaurant. Paying for different software and still finding oneself on tenterhooks owing to the risk of mis management at every level of the task. All this because of the lack of single software for the restaurant that gives a holistic approach to the management of one’s business.

As per a survey report in an online business portal, 86% of restaurants in India are unorganized. Though delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato and others are there, to handle the home delivery/ online food business of the restaurants, there is no single software or app to help the restaurants to organize the operations internally. 

All these thoughts were steaming up in the mind of the creative genius of the Capilead Software Solutions’ head. And that is how “” came into existence. Mr. Talib is the CEO and the founder at Eatym and Director at Capilead TM Venture PVT. Ltd., which is based in Hyderabad, is the parent company of Eatym. Yes, Mr. Talib Askari, came up with the idea of a one stop solution for all the restaurant operations. Be it POS, KOT, inventory and stock, staff management, billing and accounting, home delivery take away and many more operations.

It just happened that he discussed this idea with his NRI relative, Mr. Qamar Mirza who is also a Director at Capilead, during a family get together. And he was ready to finance this project. He worked with his team of 5 members and built the product…. and then, dreams become reality.


Mr. Talib Askari holds a graduate degree (BSc) in Maths, Statistics and Computer Science. He has 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Web Development, App Development, and Product Development.

He has a knack to look for minute details in every project he ventures into. And hence his products are very detailed and have a very wide approach. A perfectionist and creative person at heart, he puts in all his creative strengths in designing the product.  

THE INNOVATION is a new breakthrough in the restaurant software business. This has all the features and functions that are required to carry out any task in the restaurant industry.

  1. Eye catching digital menu card available on tab, android, and other devices
  2. Advanced POS software (online and offline) for “dining in” and performing many other functions
  3. Stock and inventory management through app/ software
  4. Floor management
  5. Staff management
  6. Billing and accounting
  7. Automated advanced KOT generation
  8. Take away and home delivery without third party interference like Swiggy and Zomato (own online orders)
  9. CRM (customer relation management)
  10.  Online ordering through the app
  11.  Loyalty program
  12.  Live reports to the owner
  13.  Waiter app
  14.  Assets management
  15.  Instant cancel order  notification app
  16.  Emergency service numbers ( electrician, plumber, other technicians numbers that come handy in this app)

And many more smart features. The most amazing thing about is the owner can manage and keep a watchful eye on all the functions of the restaurant through this single app, without being personally present there. This is a great revolutionary function as a restaurateur is too busy from morning till late in the nights taking care of every minute task of the restaurant. This app brings in a little bit of relief for the restaurant owner.


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 This app is not just for the restaurant. This app can be used by any food and beverage industry based business unit. This can be used by a regular eatery, bakery, big and small restaurants, star hotels, bars, bistros, fast food centers, etc. 

This software is highly customizable. This is how it is designed. This can be custom made as per the requirements of the client. This can fit any type of F&B business unit.


They have just started sales. Though the numbers are small, yet, the goal setting is to take over at least 20% of the market in the next 2nd quarter. They have their next product ready to be launched in the market. This product too is related to the restaurant industry. This will be launched once the set target is achieved.

Eatym is a software, which contains all the features in one single software. It enables you to perform and manage all the restaurant services and tasks from your system, mobile or tab. Now isn’t that amazing?

An added feature of contact numbers of NGOs that collect the leftover food from the restaurant and distribute it among the orphanages and old age homes is very unique. This actually gets the restaurant involved with the CSR (community service responsibility) activities.

Now you are just a few clicks away from reinventing your restaurant and managing it with the most advanced POS. As the caption rightly says : 

Eatym – we understand you and your business!!

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