Exambazaar’s Outlook on the Paradigm Shift in Learning | The New Online Coaching Way of Life

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, India has witnessed an astonishing rise in online learning. Many traditional offline classrooms have shut down and E-learning has made its mark online. While most schools and colleges have faced the blunt of the pandemic, students have shown a remarkable resilience this pandemic and have proven that the non-availability of physical classrooms does not deter their determination of receiving the education they expect.

Traditional offline coaching institutes have also seen a complete standstill in their admission cycle since early March indicating towards the severe impact the lockdown has had on the educational sector. On the other hand, there has also been a surge in queries for online coaching from April itself. Here what we can see is that all education-based startups have addressed individual queries for teachers as well as students. For example, BharatClass has focused on providing a platform for individual teachers who are not associated with a coaching institute. While on a similarly wavelength, to address online coaching queries, Founders of Exambazaar and IIT Alumni Gaurav Parashar and Saloni Khandelwal alongside their partnered coaching institutes have extended their own online capabilities to 100+ competitive exams within India.

Speaking on the services of Exambazaar, Gaurav Prashar said, “Students are eager to dedicate their time to exam prep through any means possible, rather than pondering on lost opportunities. Therefore, we are making sure they get the best choices and offers possible for their preparations”. Pandemic has put a lot of strain on both the education providers as well as students, and it is a testing time for all of us alike. Hence showing resilience to pass through the crisis is important.

How were the online coaching queries addressed?

The online admission platforms have witnessed a drastic paradigm shift in the rapidly growing Indian coaching industry this pandemic. Since March end and early April 2020, there has been a fueled growth in the digital coaching market along with a surge in many online coaching platforms. This has resulted in all traditional coaching institutes gearing up and shifting to the online platform. Exambazaar, for example, has seen a month-on-month growth of 150% on their platform for CAT online coaching and IIT JEE courses.

The demand for online coaching has also paved the way for startups to build educational apps, provide offers, admission platforms, banner promotions and much more to their audiences. Saloni Khandelwal, Founder Exambazaar said “Online Coaching has infused into the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. This shows how rapidly the online coaching learning is evolving”.

The coaching industry has also adapted to the changing learning patterns. Many of coaching institutes like Academy of Fashion and Art, Toppr, AnkGanit, etc., have brought together enhanced online courses during this COVID season in order to expand their student base and to accommodate student needs. Coaching institutes, like Law Prep Tutorial, and Motion Education have launched a new hybrid teaching model where the online coaching classes can be converted to offline as well once the lockdown is lifted. Looking at the overwhelming need and demand of E-learning, the educational startups like Exambazaar, Vedantu and Bijus have started working towards providing students with a seamless experience through their platforms. While before the pandemic many coaching institutes were only catering to traditional offline learning now most of them have opted for 3 wider categories 1) Online, 2) Hybrid, 3) Offline. Students now have the option to enroll online directly without the requirement to physically visit the coaching centers. This helps avoid the unnecessary hassle and exposure given the pandemic.

No doubt, the pandemic has made sure that online coaching, online education and technology become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, making available the education of the highest quality to everyone around India, while the world transforms and assimilate its learnings from 2020, is a must.

Author: Pragya Chakraborty

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