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How startups can get more from their design agency in India?

Anyone can create a logo, only a few create meaningful brands

India is the second largest base in the world for startups and with a constant push from the government to provide ease of business, more number of young businesses are making their way to establish themselves in the Indian market. And in this boom phase, one thing that every startup across industries is trying to do is to create an unforgettable brand identity. For the businesses who aim to have a strong and long term brand identity, it is necessary to choose the right design agency.

Unlike most young businesses perceive, creating brand identity goes beyond ordinary tasks like logo designing, letterhead/business card designing. Any activity that is reduced to following certain guidelines and colour code by the agency to create the brand design is only a patchwork and meets only immediate or temporary requirements. Laying a foundation for branding and brand designing is a detailed oriented and highly specialized task and some of the key things that your design agency must do before trying their hands on creating your identity are:

1. Brand research: To cover aspects such as what does your business intend to offer? The industry and market dynamics that you operate in, the innovation that your businesses will be/is offering, etc

2. Image analysis: benefits or the ease that your offering will provide to your customers, aspiration of your TG, and more

3. Brand planning: Involves strategy to address what people think about your business and what your name and logo will mean to your customers.

4. Internet branding: Digital branding involves defining the design and branding activities that the brand should leverage to achieve the right positioning. The focus here is to ensure that the brand’s online presence should give the same experience to the customers as it would do through offline means. For example: Apart from creating a beautiful or stunning website design, your agency must guide you on what kind of user experience will be provided to your customers through their design. Will it shorten the process your customer takes to buy a product? or Can you expect more readers on your case study section? and more.

Every brand or re-branding identity that is created using meaningful strategies is timeless and cost-effective identity establishment. Therefore, it must be done carefully and by choosing the right brand design partner. Some of the tactics to choose the right design agency in India:

  • Agency Size: “Should we hire a big agency or a small one?” Is a basic and most asked questions. The solution to it is very simple – It’s not the agency, but a team of select members will work for you. A large agency may cost a lot but still assign a team of average professionals. On the other hand, a medium sized agency may be able to provide you more time and attention to achieve your goals cost effectively and efficiently. They key here is to know your team

  • Industry Experience: A look into the agency’s past work can give you a fair idea about what you can expect to have. Connecting with some of their past or current clients can also help you have a good idea about the agency.

  • Ideas and Strategy: While all agencies can give the ideas and strategies that can grab you attention from masses, you may want to settle for ideas that are top rated in both – creativity and brand engagement.

  • Team Chemistry: This is the most important element when it comes to long term partnership.

Anyone can create a logo but only a few create meaningful brands. These measures provide a good foundation on which your organisation can effectively choose the right brand design agency partner and get desired results from them.

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