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Finding a job is not difficult these days if you have the necessary skills and knowledge. When these are coupled with degrees and diplomas that are relevant and grades that match employer’s requirements, getting hired is surely easy enough!

However, how happy a person is, at their current job is a different story altogether! Especially in India, we are all raised with made-to-believe stories that if you are not qualified and brilliant enough to become a Doctor or an Engineer, your world will completely shatter!

Is this indeed true? Definitely not. Especially with the advent of Information Technology, things are far more easier for everybody as making a living with what you know is easy and sustainable! So what if you are a Commerce or an Arts graduate, heavens won’t fall!

Individuals who are making waves both in business as well as in the corporate world as well as those who are scoring higher than IITs and IIMs oftentimes happen to be school and college dropouts! Not that it is a matter of pride, but their success surely qualifies them above cliche.

So what are the factors that must be considered when an individual chooses a career for themselves, in whichever field or domain they feel they can excel?


Does the job make you happy?

We are not talking about the office environment here, instead about the job itself. For instance, if you chose to become a Doctor and dissect human beings, that’s great, but is that really making you happy? Likewise, if you chose to become a Software Developer in Java or any other latest technology, no doubt your pay package would be handsome and enticing enough, but how much is it contributing towards your ‘Happiness’? That’s the million dollar question! Ask yourself a million times the same question and only if you genuinely receive a Yes, consider yourself lucky to be where you are or what you are aspiring for!


Does the job set you stress-free?

We come across various professionals on a daily basis, Doctors and Engineers apart, let us for instance quote, Musicians, Authors, Teachers, Politicians, even Retail Shop Owners. While happiness is one significant factor that makes them choose that job, the question is, whether they are experiencing stress doing that job or experiencing bliss! Indeed, if stress was the result of such a job, they wouldn’t be smiling at their customers and at their audience, isn’t it? Thus, one must remember to choose a profession that does not stress them unnecessarily and allows them to be their best at all times.


How far does the profession allow you to exercise your natural inborn abilities?

This point is in sync with the above point! Note that when you do something you like, you will be happy and stress-free no matter what! Even if you are made to work 12 hours continuously a day, you will feel happy at the end of the day, because you did something you truly loved and you were passionate about. This is primarily because this job that made you happy allowed you to explore your natural inborn abilities. If you wish to know more on how to harness our natural abilities and convert them into business, read Linda Goodman’s book on sun signs and you will be able to understand this factor in depth.


Is what you earn in alignment with your expectations and with the hardwork you are putting along?

This is again a significant factor to consider if you are trying to build a career in a particular domain. Are you over-working yourself for a meagre salary or are you earning too less in accordance to your talent and inborn abilities? Ask yourself, do I deserve to be a millionaire or not? If yes, why? And if not, why? What sets leaders apart from me? Why am I making the money I am making and why are several others earning more than me? What is different about them and what is giving them the quicker pay raise or income than me? The moment you start asking these questions, the Universe will have its own ways of answering your questions and will guide you further.


Is my job allowing me FREEDOM and GROWTH?

This is the most important question so far that you need to ask yourself! Is your job tying you up so much to the 9 to 6 schedules that you spend most of the time travelling up and down to office or is the schedule suitable enough for you to spend enough time at home, with kids and family, enjoy vacations as well as improve yourself! Likewise, is the growth quick and precise? Are you growing as a person or only as a professional? What are your key learning on a daily basis? What are you truly gaining from your job besides the fact that it is helping you survive on this Earth?

When you do contemplate deeper on the above 5 aspects, you will realize that you are created to THINK BIG, THINK FREE and LIVE FREE! This is the state, also known as the ‘Breakthrough state’ where your career decisions would be the best and you will be able to fly high in the skies and on the terrains that you choose to tread upon!

Whether you are a working (corporate) professional, freelancer or a Business Owner, let us know what you think of this article and where do you see yourself on these factors. We will be happy to receive your email requests on [email protected] If you are planning to start a business of your own or looking to start a home-based business that would utilize the web platform effectively and help you work from home, get in touch with on WhatsApp No. +91 7358 778 295. We will be happy to show you the way to financial freedom doing only and only what you love! We guarantee you will be amazed at the possibilities the Universe will reveal unto you when you pursue the path of true freedom.

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