If Sports Entertainment Can Be Considered As Entrepreneurship, Then This Man Is The True Entrepreneur

Mr. Vince McMahon is a wrestling promoter, former commentator and currently the majority owner, chairman and CEO of WWE.
He used to live with his mother and step father who used to beat him and her mother badly. At the age of 12 he met his biological father Vince McMahon sr for the first time and became interested in wrestling business. He often accompanied his father to the MSG. In 1980 he bought his father’s company WWWF from him and named it WWF. He then started to act as a free company from AWA and NWA. He signed famous wrestlers of that time like Hulk Hogan and Andre the giant.
Vince was the first promoter who thought of dealing with the cable operators and media for his company’s promotion. This increased WWF’s popularity very soon.
In 1985 Vince McMahon tried something new and created the Wrestlemania. It is said that if Wrestlemania would have failed Vince would have been bankrupted. Fortunately for Vince it was a great success and from that base he was able to create a big company.
During 90’s Monday Night War between WWE and WCW Vince hired Legendary Script writer Vince Russo who turned fanbase towards WWE by his interesting scripts. Even McMahon got himself into involved in the storyline against Steve Austine which is one of the greatest feud of all time. After 2001 he started to appear on TV occasionally. But still he appear to strengthen the storyline.
Vince is a hard working person. Still at the age of 72 he is the first person to arrive at the office and the last person to leave. He also remains on the backstage of the PPVs. He is also aware of his body fitness and he is more muscular than most of the WWE superstars now a days.
He is married to his wife Linda since 1965 and has a son Shane and daughter Stephanie, both of them are now working in WWE. Vince has 3 grandsons from Shane and 3 granddaughters from Stephanie.
He also has two children : his son Shane McMahon and his daughter Stephanie McMahon who is married to Paul Levesque (who is better known as Triple H) his wife Linda McMahon was also the CEO of the WWE for many years, but left her position 10 years ago to start a career in politics.

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