India’s Most Rated, Powerful & Highly Influential Influencers


Every business has the ultimate object of generating sales in one or the other way.  In every business Marketers always talk about the key performance indicators and for the success of the business sales is one of the most imperative indicators to quantity growth.

To drive sale in business there are diverse marketing strategies designed and implemented to target markets. Influencer marketing is the utmost effective and a unique way to add audience and the business prospects.

What is influence marketing or the influencers?

Influencer marketing is a category of marketing where the target segment is not the direct customers or the ultimate users rather to find and focus on the people who has a great influence on a set of audiences through social media platforms.  Bloggers are nowadays one of the critical and potential influencers which has quite a significant impact on different social media platforms and a apparatus to reach masses at one go.

In the era of digital marketing and social media management Influencers marketing and networking is the device to build relationships through influencers relationships and networks.  Influencer promotes and build up the content by promoting the products and services of the business in their blogs and social media platform. The followers and the readers read the content about the brands and study such views to consider in their buying decisions.


How business can design an influencer marketing strategy.

  • Identify the topics/people of influence that speak about your brands to the target buyers.
  • Connect with those influencers through email and other social media channels to discuss about the products and services that you want to show to the followers of such influencing groups.
  • Develop and share the content with the influencers.
  • Trade off to share the content and brands with an offer to develop mutual benefits.
  • Evaluate media options and the influencers impact on your business.
  • Go for a repeat circulation after evaluating the influencers who had a sound impact in enhancing business.

Action and social mentions are driven more effectively by “power middle.” Mid-level influencers like bloggers who have a slighter but supplementary loyal audience and drive 16 times more engagement than paid media and “mega influencers.  Influencers would talk about the brands, product and services which they want to spread about and present their online views which has a robust influence on the buying decisions of the prospective customers. If we assess the actual purchase than we will find that the huge part of total sales is through reference and peer endorsements. So instead of reaching one individual purchaser if the business emphasis on reaching out the influencers who has a great impact on mass audience and large quantity of sales generation prospects. For reaching out new markets and exploring new area of business it is must to invest time and effort in building relationships with influencers which is a business dynamism to generate and develop views to influence  buying behavior of prospective customers and would contribute to the final sales numbers.

Inventiva is presenting the list of India’s Most reputed Influencers, Do check it.


  1. Niharica Raizada
  2. Ruchika Das
  3. Sukrit Jain
  4. Himani Arora
  5. Radhika Bangia
  6. Musskan Sethi
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