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Kashaf Shaikh: the budding superlative entrepreneur in India

Kashaf Shaikh is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the country and all across the globe. With her innovative set of skills, mindfulness, and determination, she founded one of the most famous websites in the country which is called Dealivore. It is an authentic website which is full of various kinds of coupons which are valid and real and can be used across a lot of stores all over the country. Also, if you are a purchaser of online products from various e-commerce websites then you have to check her website because all the coupons, she puts on the website are pure deals which will surely make your experience on the shopping portals better and fascinating.

However, she is a computer engineer basically. She completed her graduation and realized that this is not a field where she would like to go and pursue a further career. She did not want to go for a job in any MNC, instead, she wanted to try herself and test herself on the path of entrepreneurship. She was not the one to work for someone else, she wanted to work for her own self and create something that she owned fully. This is when it hit her that entrepreneurship was where her heart was.

She is a believer of the fact that if she keeps her desires into consideration then she has the choice to break the various hurdles which interrupt the circle which will come along and dominate her and compel her to find out new ways of working and lead her to the new and fresh levels of happiness, fulfilment, and satisfaction as well in the areas which are important to her. She also tells the same to the various budding entrepreneurs she meets.

For her age is not a limit and nor does she consider it as an exception. She believes that if you have true potential and if you realize it then you can you can do whatever you want to do in your life and you live your life however you want to. Your true potential is the biggest realization you can ever have. Dealivore – India’s No.1 Coupons/Deals Website is one way how she realized her potential. We all love to save some money on all the products that we shop in. When we are in the local markets, we usually go for bargaining. Now on the online portal, it is not possible to bargain.

At that time, these coupon deals are a great relief. This is why Kashaf Shaikh decided to cater these services to its customers so that they can shop as much as they want at the comfort of their home along with a bulk of discount coupons and deals to make your experience of shopping even better.

Some of the companies which have been listed for coupon codes on her website are Paytm, eBay, first cry, Amazon.in lenskart.com, Koovs, Jabong, yeme.com, and so many more. This website is a one-stop destination for shopping online and they provide the best coupons in discount coupons for the online industry and help the users in saving the maximum amount of money as much as they can. These coupons that they offer are also offered quite frequently and also inculcate in themselves that most practical benefits because they do not like lure the people on the name of discounts. They have actual discounts.

If you visit the website once, we are sure you will not be able to resist thereafter.

Kashaf Shaikh is a dynamic and young lady and she is just 23 years old. At the age of 23, she has become the co-founder of this website and she has totally proved that the age or gender is not at all an excuse to be used or in any way an exception to realize what your true capabilities are or the way you want your life to be or you want to live your life in. she graduated from the University of Pune and also worked as the marketing and sales consultant. She also bagged a national award for the category of Computer Society of India and she has immense interest in the niche of digital marketing.

She has made a proved point to all the people who are against females and are anti-feminist. She also has been a role model and a great inspiration for all the females out there and for all the budding youngsters who wish to become an entrepreneur someday.

Her dedication and inspirational attitude in the world of entrepreneurship is great and all the females who feel discouraged and not so motivated to try their thing out, must learn from her and never make excuses of small things that they feel can hinder their performance.

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