Keshav Mehta: The Young Digital Entrepreneur From Bihar

Digital Marketing is a growing business at the moment, with millions of people taking up a liking towards it on a daily basis. The impact of pandemic on digital marketing was huge, it caused the markets to rise three folds. Along with an increasing trend, the number of people interested and required in this field of marketing also increased. One such person who also joined this category is Keshav Mehta.
Before we begin, let us first understand the concept of Digital Marketing. It is anything with deals with the digital world, where people can advertise and companies can spread out their products, business or even service. The online world has advanced a lot and people were made to almost completely rely on it for the previous year. Though things have calmed down at the moment, the requirement for people who understand the world of digital marketing are still deemed very important. Keshav Mehta is not only a Digital Entrepreneur but also an Author.

Keshav Mehta was born on 9th February in Darbhanga. Darbhanga is also known as The Heart Of Mithila. Mehta is just an 18 year old from Bihar, who is completely self made and very creative working too. He has proven that age is just a number, a person can do great things if he wishes too. It does not matter how old you are, what really matters is how determined you are. Your qualities, talents, and knowledge in a particular field are your assets. It is very important for a growing entrepreneur to realise their strengths and work on their weaknesses, and Keshav Mehta has managed to do that just about right.
A lot of people in India are still unaware of the number of opportunities one can have from digital marketing. The main goal of Atmanirbhar relies on this. Keshav wants to teach people and spread awareness on topics like these that can help people from all age groups. This is why his book ‘TIPS FOR LEARNING DIGITAL MARKETING’ was a best seller in Amazon. Obviously, the customer reviews too are pretty great!

According to Keshav Mehta, to understand the concepts of digital marketing and to grow a business and become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to work very hard on their skills. Efficiency and lack of errors play a huge role in this. No matter how tough the path to success is, with proper guidance and determination, no goal can be considered impossible to achieve. All this success does not happen almost immediately, obviously. It takes a lot of time and patience too, to learn, to practice and also to gain experience.

Apart from being an entrepreneur and author, Keshav Mehta also offers a range of other services that include personal branding, web development, PR services and social media management and Celebrity Managements. After all, these are just parts of digital marketing too. You can follow him @thekeshavmehta too, and contact him if you are in need of any of the above services. I’m sure you will be pretty satisfied with his work!

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