Kiran Agarwal – Brainchild Behind the WOKA YouTube Channel

Kiran Agarwal, an alumnus of London school of Journalism, started to write much later in her life. An author, content creator ,writer and presenter of an animation series channel WOKA which actually stands for WORLD OF KIRAN AGARWAL and is quite a rave today on You tube digital platform in various languages. Simultaneously, she did an elaborate course in creative writing which resulted in authoring and publishing of multiple books in Indian religious and cultural awareness, an area of her high interest and moral based short stories books for children. She developed a great interest in children related area of work and says that she is self-taught when praised for her in depth knowledge on the same.

Why does animation appeal to kids so much? What is the psychological explanation behind it?

 The colours, characters and brightness of the screen which brings about a visual experience in a young mind is one of the main reason why kids love animation. Their minds get a sense of openness in terms of their visualization of a particular character and where can or what can the character do in the said animation movies. Sometimes a child’s fantasy is the only thing he has that he can call his own.

what were your aspirations behind creating WOKA? Why your heart went for creating a channel for kids? Why not something else?

The aspiration behind creating WOKA was my granddaughter Mahii. As I started to seek out more shows for her to watch somewhere the lack of finding many good shows laid the foundation of Woka.

Today children in India need good shows that can give them entertainment and at the same time make them aware of our rich culture and values, at least that is what I would want to show my granddaughter and the kids of my family and this is a very precise reason I forayed into the world of “content for kids” through my channel WOKA, which does exactly what I mentioned above..

Animation is one of the most assured way to a child’s heart and I for one feel nothing else can reach and touch a child’s mind as much as good animation does. So if I wanted to do something for children then it had to be animation.


Why ‘Naani’ as a character is selected by WOKA? Any special reason behind that?

India is a land of culture and values and our women especially mothers / grandmothers have always played a big role in nurturing children. Nobody and I am sure nobody can forget how their grandmothers told them stories and this is what I wanted to bring alive again in today’s time and age when the cultural set up of an Indian family is moving away from its joint family syndrome to nuclear family set up.

Naani will always evoke a feeling of love grace and warmth simultaneously teaching you and making you differentiate between the right and wrong. “Where there is a Naani there is always a Kahaani”

 Have you thought of creating Indian mythologies animation in WOKA?

 It is ironical that I’m asked this question. We are already planning and in the process to conceive a good Indian mythology show not only for our Indian audience but for global viewing and you will hear about its announcement soon.

 Last but not least, what is the future of animation in India?

 If I have to express it in one word then I will say “BRIGHT”.As it is today all major production house of west get their work done in India and it will not be wrong to say that very soon India will rule in animation content creation.

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