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Lizzie Chapman: the optimistic businesswoman who co-founded Zest Money

Lizzie Chapman is the co-founder of the company called Zest Money. However, she has still not stopped. She still has optimistic virtues to take in more and more opportunities and wants more women to create their own start-ups. She feels that everyone needs to develop work and personal life. Lizzie Chapman is a trailblazer in every sense and the designation as the crusader in chief at her company which she co-founded in the year 2013 and this is not at all a surprise. Before she started her own start-up, which is one of the best and also the few digital EMI start-ups, she was in Wonga which is the British payday loan company at the position of India’s head.

She then further joined the development bank of Singapore so that she could help in the launching of ‘digibank’ which is the new mobile-only virtual bank of the country of India. Recently, she also joined as the woman leader in the FinTech awards in the category of FinTech. When and once you meet her, you will automatically notice that she is a friendly soul and is always accompanied by a sense of curiosity and immense humility.

She is one of the best people from who you can get to learn a lot. this fintech leader has been featured in a lot of conversations of the Your Story website which have offered her perspective be it the balance of work and personal life or be it about the future of the Indian fintech. The conversation she does is obvious proof that the love she has for the sub-continent has not at all dimmed ever since she landed in the country India in the year 2011. She also loves to travel.

When she was asked about her travel endeavors, she happily quoted during her interview with Your Story that,’ I will try not to be too India-biased but there really are so many. I think I will go skiing in Gulmarg, eating and partying in Bombay, rummaging around history in Calcutta. Oops, all India! Okay, let me add trekking in New Zealand and shopping in Tokyo!’ Lizzie was working at an investment bank; however, her heart knew that this was not the thing she wanted and so at last, she switched. She then joined the fintech company where heart and mind collided and she could give her best.

She continues to be super optimistic about her opportunities in the country like India. She finds Aadhar and e-KYC to be the best deals and she feels that both these things have aided in her business as well and will continue to foster her start-up in the future as well. She feels and says that she sees a lot of potential in the country and that a lot more is about to come in the next year and the years to come which will do a lot in the country’s development and also of her start-up.

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