Microlearning: Small Steps Towards Big Results


Today, with customers expecting the highest quality of service to cater to their customized needs, organizations provide their workforce with exceptional resources whenever possible. They impart digestible knowledge at the point of need, so that they can reuse the same content to address specific challenges, known as microlearning. It is one of the emerging trends where information is provided in the form of chunks to meet the pertinent needs of new-age workforce.

When it comes to workplace learning, the goal is simple: to get better with each day. Accessibility of micro content on your personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is the best way to learn. Mobile devices are ideal to deliver microlearning solutions, which requires modern learners to interact with bites of information while on the go. Microlearning helps to transform the workforce behavior through the following three steps:

1.     Deliver short & crisp content

New-age learners do not want to restrict themselves in monotonous classroom sessions which are time-consuming and inconvenient. They prefer learning that which is easier, faster and self-paced. Microlearning is an optimum choice as it keeps learners engaged for long with small units of information, thereby reinforcing the overall learning experience.

2.     Changing behavior one at a time

Learners access content nuggets as per their convenience of time and place, on their personalized devices. The immediate availability of short duration courses supports just-in-time learning, improves learner retention and change workplace behaviors accordingly. To retain maximum information, learners must review content periodically. Microlearning combats this issue by creating short course nuggets that learners can review repeatedly, until the behavior change sticks.

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3.     Engage the organization

Small behavioral changes result in big organizational transformations. Microlearning gives efficient outcomes, with the ability to reduce it into small units that can be reused, thereby reinforcing the learning objective.

Simply put, concise and highly interactive content always do better than longer and tedious learning sessions. Microlearning is the perfect way to not just put classroom training online, but also shorten 8-hours long sessions into 2-3 minutes short nuggets. Today, micro content delivery is increasingly adopted by organizations, resulting in increased workplace performance and return for money over conventional training approach. Microlearning provides a plethora of advantages to both the learner and trainer, helping to bridge the skills gaps in today’s workplace. Modern organizations develop bites of content, which is engaging, customized as well as quick to deliver. All of this can be efficiently achieved through microlearning in order to meet the pertinent needs of all.

arunima majumdar

Marketing Consultant at G-Cube Solutions


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