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Naina Lal Kidwai: a prominent personality in the corporate world

Naina Lal Kidwai is the first woman that was able to guide the foreign bank in India about their functioning. At the present time, she is also working as the General Manager of the Group and also the Country Head of HSBC India. Well, along with that she is also the corporate diva. Here is all that you need to know about the elegant and talented: Naina Lal Kidwai. Born in the year 1957, she has raised in Delhi as well as Mumbai. However, she did her schooling in Simla.

She is also the first woman who graduated from the Harvard Business School and is also counted as one of the top business women in India. She has been able to do so due to her diligence, constant hard work, as well as sincerity. She started with her career in the year 1982. For starters, she joined the ANZ Grindlays Bank which has now been named as the Standard Chartered Bank. She then also took up a variety of assignments of banking before she moved to the operation of Morgan Stanley. She then kept on climbing the ladders of success. She also played a very important role in the NYSE listing which was created by WIPRO.

Since then, she has been quite instrumental in facilitating the cellular phone services all through the country through the medium of a deal which involves the Birlas and the Tatas. Last year in November, she because the Managing Director of one of the most renowned organizations of the country and that is the HSBC bank. In the year 2000, she was declared as the 3rd most powerful businesswoman in the continent of Asia by the Fortune Magazine. She is also the mother of two children.

Despite her busy life, her balance between work and personal life is excellent and admirable. She is also very fond of Indian Classical music as well as western music. She is a fan of going on trekking and tours to the Himalayas. She loves nature and has an immense interest in observing the various aspects of wildlife. For her work which is absolutely praiseworthy, she has received and has been credited with a lot of accolades. Her work has been commendable and has been given a lot of recognition by being honored by the finest of awards, the Padmashri Award.

When we hear or read about successful people, it gives us great motivation and stimulation to our encouraging enzyme. We feel and wish to emulate the path of our success. This is why Inventiva features such as finest women entrepreneurs so that their stories and success can bring about a change in society. The motivational story of Naina being the group general manager and the country head is just the right story and needs to be heard so that the other woman out there who feel nonetheless worthless must understand that they are not and they never will be.

They have everything that needs to be an entrepreneur or at least being confident enough. Naina has been always an inspiration to all the women in the country and also across the globe amongst all youngsters who are too busy to notice the opportunities that fate throws at them. She also has a bachelors degree in Economics which she pursued from the University of Delhi. Never was she afraid of the challenges that came her way and neither did she left her dreams unturned. She faced all the difficulties and obstacles that she had to just so that she could turn her dream into a reality and this is exactly what she did.

when she was with the bank that is Standard Chartered, then she was serving as the head of global NRI services, head of western India retail bank, as well as the head of the investment bank too. In the year 1994, when she moved to the Morgan Stanley India, she there served as the head of investment banking. Wherever she went, she was in one of the senior most positions always which made her different from all the others. Today, in the date and time of the present, she is not only the chairman of the HSBC but also an asset to them.

Her presence of mind, talent, and experience of so many years have brought so much to the HSBC invest direct and HSBC asset management for the market of India. She is also one of the non-executive directors who are on the board of Nestle, along with being the global advisor at the Harvard Business School, and also as the chairwoman at the City of London’s Advisory Council which has been made for India. She is not only an asset for the company she works in but also an asset to the finance and banking sector in the country.

The way her life is and how she has lived it is a proof that shows that when a person does hard work, it never goes wasted. It always is appreciated in some way or the other. The fruits of her hard work have had sweet fruits in the end and it never went unnoticed. She has always gotten a praiseworthy appreciation for what she has done and on the other hand, Naina has always made a significant contributor to the banking and finance sector of the country. This is what she has been awarded a number of awards as well.

However, the quench if her having the food of success has still not been satisfied. She is always seen investing her time more and more in other genres and works so that she can make the most of her day, skill, and capacity. Her unbelievable spirit and dynamic personality is a proof which shows that a woman is in no way less than anybody in the world and she needs the pity of none. She is in herself complete and can do wonderful things whenever she wants!

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