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Naiyaa Saggi: The companion entrepreneur for every young parent

Naiyaa Saggi is the co-founder of the parenting portal, Baby Chakra. It is an online platform that connects Indian Parents for the services their babies need. She, however, has plans to take this portal to build a network offline as well which will use machine learning as well as artificial intelligence to reach out and expand the services of its online platform base and connect the parents of the country for the various services their babies need. Whatever they do start from the needs of the parents especially of the Indian moms.

Naiyaa is an MBA in law degree from the Harvard Business School of NLU and through her entrepreneur model of Baby Chakra, she has created quite a mark in the world of start-up. he journeys of becoming an entrepreneur started in the year 2014 when she started watching her sister become a smart and corporate independent lawyer. When her sister became a mother, she was having a hard time managing her personal and professional life. She had to spend a copious amount of time in taking care of her child and on the other hand, Naiyya had to listen to all the stories about her as well.

Naiyya’s sister had to then take advice from the internet, Google, and various doctors and daycares about how to go about with her daughter and how she could get all the answers about her daughter online. It was then she realized that there was not enough information on the internet and there was a great market opportunity for baby care and also it was the need of the hour especially for the large number of people that are working and are unable to balance their life due to their children. It was then she realized that India needed a childcare platform which further led her to develop Baby Chakra.

Since then she has not looked back. She has managed to scale up Baby Chakra. She has also gotten to raise quite a lot of funds from various investors like Singapore Nagel Network, Mumbai Angels, and many more. people nowadays prefer to have fewer children because the peer pressure that comes in dealing with the child in the initial years is quite a lot to handle. It is always a mess no matter what kind of expert you are. It is unbelievably hard to manage babies.

People have limited their bay want to almost one or two at the maximum. In the date and time of today, people prefer nuclear families where they can raise their children easily. Thus, it is where Baby Chakra comes into the picture. This platform is a one-stop discovery platform for parents who are looking for solutions for their babies especially the parents who have their first baby or have become parents newly. This type of platform building has made an online community where mothers can get advises and also give advice to other mother’s support, and recommendations. Baby Chakra, for now, has managed to gain the trust of the parents a lot.

The team of Baby Chakra is absolutely committed to ensuring that they are able to help parents to become the best version of themselves and tend to become the best parents for their kids. However, of course, it is not easy to build a brand. It takes a lot of tasks, hard work, and willingness as well. you need to keep up with the market demands, and the changes in technology. This was the most challenging part of the journey for Naiyya during her building of Baby Chakra.

Baby Chakra has four major tools which have been working remarkably for parents and their kids as well. the four tools are vaccination tracker, growth hacker tool, improved application interactions, as well as online market place. the vaccination tracker is a very helpful tool as parents can be reminded of all the necessary vaccinations along with their calendar dates. The market place allows parents to buy all the baby products that are needed for the baby and by the baby. The interaction is about the community which has been built. It allows parents to have a phase where they can communicate with each other as well as the experts for help.

Naiyya says that it is not at all easy for a start-up to actually start up. it always is going to take focus and it has to become your priority always. The experience of the highs and lows is what makes it a wonderful journey overall along with being successful. For being successful you need to have focus and make your business a priority and focus on it with full commitment, responsibility, and attention. Entrepreneurs have never had it easy and if they got it easy, it would never make their journey remarkable of memorable. It should have an inspiring story.

Naiyya feels that an entrepreneur must always be ready to shed all the go they have. They need other people to work for them and with them. This cannot be done if you have a high amount of ego in you. You need to be humble, polite, giving, and communicable easily so that people who are on your team feel belonged on your team. They must be made to feel like team otherwise they will never feel like that they even matter and eventually leave.

She also says that optimization is the key. If a person is optimized, all is well. failures are bound to come, and if you forgo your goals and ambitions because of failures, then entrepreneurship is definitely not going to be easy. You must always be willing to take on possibilities and learn as much as you can even from your juniors. Of course, you also need to have a sharp eye on the money because if you do not have a sharp eye on the money. Naiyya says, ‘Try winning in one segment and then you figure out the formula for winning overall.’

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