Why Narendra Modi can be called as an Entrepreneur of the Decade?

Who is an Entrepreneur?
A person who brings his unique idea to run a start up company is known as an entrepreneur. He believes in making his own path, which eventually becomes a guideline for others. Most of the people have a misconception that the terms, entrepreneur and businessman carries the same meaning. A businessman is a person who runs the business, undertaking an unoriginal business idea. On the contrary, an entrepreneur is someone who first initiates a product or business idea and thus the leader of that in the market.
World has seen hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs, but this one is way beyond all. This man is unique, with some extraordinary skills to think and do. He is a different soul. People may choose to call him a politician but I strongly feel that he is an entrepreneur . He is none other than, one of the finest Prime Minister India has ever got. Yes, I am talking about Mr. Narendra Modi. Being born in a Gujrati family, Dhanda to khoon mein hai. Yes, he came as a politician but he bleeds entrepreneurship. He knows what is he investing, where is he investing and to reap what and when. Usually, any entrepreneur works for himself and his business, but this entrepreneur is working for other entrepreneurs. Mr. Modi has all the qualities that an entrepreneur has and he has come as a ray of hope for the Indians.
For last few decades that I have seen, every 5 years I saw huge political campaigning before elections, different parties dressed in white raising slogans, doing rallies, visiting the poor, making endless promises to the people to every caste and religion, and finally the voting happens and India gets it’s Prime Minister. Then, their is complete silence and everyone gets back to routine work. No one knows what the Prime Minister and the team and their party is doing. This same process repeats after every 5 years. We have seen many politicians come and go as the Prime Minister but just a few managed bringing in a little change for the betterment. I hope we remember the silent ever Prime Minister India got just a few years ago – The man in blue turban. However, ever since Mr. Narendra Modi has sworn in as the Prime Minister of the country, not only India but world has acknowledged that India has its most needed Prime Minister on the chair. India finally got it’s magic man.
Mr. Narendra Modi is no ordinary politician. He has changed the definition of politics and the politicians. Infact, the way he is running the show, it is no less than an entrepreneur running his business. He has come with a VISION for our nation and it’s people, just like an entrepreneur has a vision for his business. The various initiatives taken by him such as Make in India, Start-Up India Stand-Up India, Digital India, Smart Cities, Swacch Bharat, Jan Dhan Yojana is nothing but his out of the box thinking for the upliftment of the country. Out of the box thinking is a key to be called as an Entrepreneur. These initiatives have given HOPE to the Young India such that today, every youngster want to build his/her own start-up. The various schemes that have been launched for the lower section of the society have given them a better economical life. States like Haryana, where the female foeticide was alarming has seen growth in the ratio of girls to boys. Our government offices that use to stink at one point are now worth a visit. Mr. Modi’s visit to meet our brave soldiers at the border works as a catalyst to be victorious. His visits to the holy shrines and temples and gurdawaras becomes the breaking news. Today, BJP is country’s biggest political party that wins elections almost every election by just having him as the face of the party. What a Charismatic Entrepreneur he is. His dedication and work is par excellence.
His biggest achievement for the nation are the Surgical Strike and Demonetisation. Many people may view it negatively but who cares about them. Standing for the pride of one’s nation and it’s soldiers who sacrificed their lives doesn’t need permission from the cowards. For a country like India, it was a huge step for it’s glory. Demonetisation was a must to curb the ever growing Black money which lead to disparity between the rich and the poor, to curb the terrorism, to curb the anti-national activities, to curb the corruption, to curb the various mafias operating in the society like Real Estate, elimination of the fake currency, Hawala transactions, note bank politics and many more evils. According to RBI’s data, total value of currency in form of Rs 500 and Rs. 1000 notes is 16 lakh crores. Though both these steps brought a lot of negativity and gave opponents enough platform to pelt stones and hatred. However, what these insane people don’t get is that taking such decisions is not a cake walk. For the interest of your nation, one has to take steps that are required. One has to be SELFLESS. One has to think beyond THE POWERPACKED CHAIR. Had it been everyone’s cup of tea, they would have taken such steps in the past. Demonetisation is a big step towards attracting foreign investment. As per World Bank CEO, Demonetisation will have positive impact on Indian Economy. Defaulters of banks, Property tax, electricity bills, telecom bills etc. got cleared. Small vendors started going digital and using APPs, digital forms of transactions and digital wallets. Many businessmen declared their black money as income and payed taxes. The money that is collected can be used for infrastructure projects, pushing the capex cycle.
Besides the above, Mr. Modi has visited almost all the powerful nations of the world and has received accolades from each one of them. The way he has earned honour and respect for our country, none other Prime Minister/politician has been able to achieve it. He is a Star personality. He believes in being together and hence has worked to improve relationships with all the neighbouring countries as well. Another key attribute of an entrepreneur is to work together and grow together. This statement hold so true for Mr. Modi, who gave us the slogan of “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas” and the latest one is “Every Person is Important”. How thoughtful. Like, an entrepreneur has passion to conquer the world, one can see passion in Prime Minister Modi for his country and the countrymen. The way he talks is so energising. He is undoubtedly a powerful speaker and a motivator. People of every stature looks up to him and his work. If at all we had more people like him in the country, India would have superseded all the nations. My best wishes and salute to our nations greatest entrepreneur who well deserves the title of “Entrepreneur of the Decade”.

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