NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths: Valuable Preparation Tips to Follow

Math is considered to be a scoring subject, provided you understand the concept well and practice the different chapters thoroughly. This subject is likely to affect your Class 10 overall percentage. Practicing ncert solutions will help to score better. It is easy to score in this subject by putting additional effort into your studies. This subject involves lots of problem solving and doing calculations using different kinds of formulas.

Hence, you need to have a better grasp over the basic concepts. Memorizing the formulas, practicing and revising all the chapters repeatedly will allow you to remember them and give the exams confidently. Math requires lots of practice, something that you cannot skip. It is quite natural for you to forget formulas and sums of a chapter as you move into the next one. Practicing ncert solutions for class 9 maths provided by the experts will help you to know how to score high marks in this otherwise feared subject.

Class 10 NCERT Maths preparation tips

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Initial preparation days

The initial days are quite precious, and you have just entered this new class. Not facing any exam pressure during this time, you can use it to have a better grasp over the concepts and understand basic maths.

  • Syllabus: Before starting the preparation, first know your class 10 math syllabus. Find out the chapters that will come in the exam and their marks weightage. Accordingly, make a place as to which chapter should be given more time to practice and those that require less time. Try to complete your entire syllabus by December or even before. This will allow you to have plenty of time in hand to revise and practice all the chapters repeatedly.
  • Be familiarized with your exam pattern: At the start of the session, be acquainted with your exam pattern. Going through the previous 10-year question paper will give a better idea of what type of questions will come and which chapters are more important. You can also get to know the number of short answer questions, very short answer questions, long answer questions and other questions that are asked in the board exams. Identify section-wise marks distribution.9 exam preparation tips to ease your worries - education today news
  • Study schedule: Prepare schedules before starting to study. It will allow you to be on the correct path and avoid straying in the wrong direction. You can also study at a constant Try to allocate about an hour’s time to practice the math subject daily. In case you find a math subject to be tough, then dedicate more time towards solving it.
  • Remember formulas: Prepare a separate notebook to jot down all the formulas chapter wise. They are crucial to do different types of sums and should be present at your fingertips. It will help save precious time while giving the exam, thus allowing you to focus better on the complicated ones.
  • Group study: Subject experts recommend students of all classes, especially Class 10 to make a group and practice math together. But select your group wisely to avoid wasting time on unnecessary talks and deviation. Discuss problems, find solutions to complicated sums and share minds with one another. This will allow everyone to get to know those chapters that they find 9 exam preparation tips you should definitely follow! | by anjali patel | medium
  • Solve NCERT books: You can find ncert solutions for class 10 maths from experts like Cuemath. You should try to solve all the problems given in this book. Most sums are given from this book and hence, are of paramount importance. So practice it without fail to get familiar, easy scoring sums.
  • Explain to others: While doing group study, ensure you are doing a different chapter and each of your friends do other chapters. Then each can help teach something new to the others. This activity will allow you to learn the topic completely and in a detailed Moreover, you can remember the topic for a long time since you have learnt it well and taught the principles to your friends.

Therefore, following the above tips will allow you to get high marks in Math.

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