Next57 vs BiggBang, which is a better coworking space in Chandigarh?

Takeaway: The startup culture in Chandigarh is emerging faster than ever! And that is because of people welcoming the startups, helping them grow, increasing office spaces, and, most importantly, rising in Chandigarh’s coworking spaces!


In the past decade, one can notice a vast number of coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are very important when working in any startup or even when you are a freelancer. They provide a perfect environment for working as you learn from your peers and even the people working in different fields but under the same roof! 


But here, the real confusion arises- Which coworking space should I choose to work in Chandigarh? Which is the best coworking space in Chandigarh that offers all the facilities? 

So in this article, we will see a face to face comparison of Chandigarh’s two leading coworking space firms- BiggBang vs. Next57.


But first, let us know the importance of coworking space for a startup.


Why are coworking spaces important for a startup?


A coworking space is a facility where different independent professionals come together under one common roof to share common areas in a typical office space. These buildings have changed the way we work better and prefer especially for beginners and freelancers who do not have the money to rent their building as an office space.


  1. Cost-effective, money-saving coworking space

The place where you work is very expensive because you do not have to worry about renting the property as your office space. You don’t have to worry about managing the building as everything is taken care of. This helps you save a lot of money that can be used to grow the business.

The fact that you have integrated systems in your workplace and serves as a cost-cutting measure. You do not have to worry about getting the cost of office buildings as they are already provided. These office buildings may include; Printers, WiFi, and even access to clean water.


  1. The community for support

As space is shared between different people, we bring communication between these people. Through this interaction, one can gain a greater understanding of emerging practices. This social media engagement brings together ideas. Ideas that can be used to improve a person’s business and personal development.


  1. Facilities for proper working

Most coworking spaces are well equipped with A-office facilities, including; telecommunications services, conference rooms, adequate parking spaces, printing, and scanning. These different types of resources can be used to increase your initial production. When you work in the workplace, you do not have to worry about the management of these facilities, and this also serves as a benefit as you can only focus on your work and earn more.

  1. Guidance from people working in the same field

Most social workplaces often host events and exhibitions that bring people from different fields together. These events and activities help entrepreneurs build a network and thus enable them to grow their business. These events also provide more information for entrepreneurs, which can help their business grow and prosper. Collaborative spaces also contribute to collaboration between different people leading to innovation and new technologies.


  1. Comfort while working

Many shared offices are located in high-security, peaceful environments. This helps you to be more productive in the work you do as you can focus more.

These offices are shared and offer a seamless environment, so you can offer a high level of focus while doing your job to allow you to achieve more. Everything is provided for you also brings comfort as you do not experience the typical pressures you may experience when running your business on your property.

BiggBang vs. Next57- which one is better?


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Chandigarh is home to many coworking spaces. But there is a tough competition between two leading coworking spaces BiggBang and Next57. So let us compare them feature by feature.


  1. Meeting rooms

Whenever we are working in any corporate or business firm, holding meetings is very important. And meetings can be needed to hold at any moment. An ideal coworking space should have a large meeting room with all features like internet, fast internet, coffee or beverages for the guests and VC, etc.


Let us compare the two:


BiggBang offers meeting rooms, even for large team sizes. Unlike Next57, we don’t have a limit of 6 people. Even if you want to hold large meetings, BiggBang welcomes you! Also, BiggBang’s meeting rooms are VC enabled, sound-proof with other amazing facilities.

Whereas Next57’s meeting rooms are internet, beverage and projector enabled with all the amenities.


So you choose which one you would prefer?


  1. Parking space

Let’s be honest here wherever we go. We look out for parking space first. Especially when we have to go to work, parking space matters because if a mind is free from distractions, it can work with full potential. So let us look at a comparison between our competitors.


Let us compare the two:


BiggBang offers a large parking space where you can park your cars with no tension. Next57 and other coworking spaces don’t guarantee you parking spaces, but great results are guaranteed if you work with no distractions. 

We checked for Next57’s parking information also but didn’t find it. So you choose.


  1. Hot desking services:

Hot desking is in huge demand nowadays. Everyone likes to work in their favorite place. Hot desking gives you the option of booking a desk/seat for weeks, months, or years if you want. Let’s have a look at which coworking space offers better hot desking services- BiggBang or Next57?


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Let us compare the two:


BiggBang gives you an option of hot-desking. You book the desk for days, months, or even a year if you like that particular space. Next57 and other coworking spaces don’t offer you that. So it’s a plus point for freelancers to work in their favorite place without any hesitations. Hence great work guaranteed!


  1. Virtual office space facilities

A coworking space should be a package of all the things. Virtual spaces are also important for many startups or freelancers if they wish to work from home. Cost-effective call plans, proper business address are important.


Let us compare the two:

At BiggBang’s virtual office spaces, you can choose the phone answering services according to your needs. We don’t force you for anything. This feature makes BiggBang exclusive from Next57 coworking space. Get monthly, weekly, or daily call bill payment options.

Also, BiggBang gives a proper business address at a premium location.


  1. Startup incubator

A startup incubator is also necessary for any coworking space as it provides an aid to the startups. Early phase startups need guidance and support in this new field. A proper community should also be there, including mentors and peers from the same field for guidance.


Let us compare the two:

As both BiggBang and Next57 are leading coworking spaces in Chandigarh, we expect them to have something beneficial for early startups because Chandigarh is emerging as a startup hub.

If you are an early phase startup, we have good news for you! BiggBang coworking spaces also have a startup incubator! Unlike Next57 coworking spaces, BiggBang doesn’t neglect emerging startups. They nurture them, uplift them, and help them grow.

So, here was a short comparison between Chandigarh’s two leading coworking space firms BiggBang and Next57. Now, based on the above comparison, you can make your mind on which one you want to choose.


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In my opinion, BiggBang is the best as it has all the things which are necessary for a firm to work smoothly in a coworking space. They also help startups by providing free rent spaces in exchange for a small revenue they generate. Plus all the other facilities are a bonus!

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