Niharica Raizada

Niharica Raizada is a fresh new face in bollywood, recently did her bollywood movie Total Dhamaal and was casted with Arshad Warsi.
She is not just a film-star but also a influencer and is a very generous celebrity, one thing Inventiva noted about Niharica is her down to earth personality and her highly professional nature and with perfect time management, she has got excellent communication skills and a very amazing attitude.

Inventiva feels Niharica Raizada deserve to be on the list of India’s Most Influential Influencers and we are happy to present a small brief about her and her journey. Let us know more about this bubbly, glamorous and sizzling star in her own words.

1. Since when you started with social media?
I believe I started in 2012.

2. What niche do you cater to?
I would like to cater to academicians, intellectuals, philosophers, pharmaceutical industry, elite cinema goers and psychologists but currently I cater to sex hungry mass men.

3. what brands have you endorse till now?
Ryse beauty
Madame clothing brand
Manasi Lele
Sun Studio Maximilien
Laa Dee Dah

4. what do you do in your full time professional life?
I work as HOD of clinical research department at Asian Heart Institute and Research Centre.
I also had a film release Total Dhamaal, in which I was paired opposite Arshad Warsi, and it has done more than 200 crores at the box office.

5. where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
In cinema and with cross cultural films with the likes of Kate Winslet.

6. What is your education background?
Translational Medicine Biochemistry Cardiology

7. Please share your complete name, social media handles and where can people contact you to endorse you for their brands.
Niharica Raizada please spell it with a C.



Niharica Kumari Raizada

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