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Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package :Progress so far

  • More than 33 crore poor people received financial assistance of Rs 31,235 crore under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package
  • Rs 10,025 crore disbursed to 20.05 crore to Women Jan Dhan account holders
  • Rs 1405 crore disbursed to about 2.82 crore old age persons, widows and disabled persons
  • First instalment of PM-KISAN :Rs 16,146 crore transferred to 8 crore farmers
  • Rs 162 crore transferred in 68,775 establishments as EPF contribution , benefitting 10.6 lakh employees;
  • 2.17 crore Building; Construction workers received financial support amounting to Rs 3497 crore
  • Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana
  • 39.27 crore beneficiaries distributed free ration of food grains
  • 1,09,227 MT of Pulses; dispatched to various States/UTs
  • Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana : 2.66 crore free Ujjwala cylinders delivered

Using the digital payment infrastructure , more than 33crore poor people have been directly given  financial assistance of Rs 31,235 crore( as on 22nd April,2020)under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package (PMGKP) announced by Union Finance Minister SmtNirmalaSitharaman on 26th March,2020 to protect them from the impact of the lockdown due to COVID 19.


As part of the PMGKP, the Government announced free food grains and cash payment to women and poor senior citizens and farmers. The swift implementation of the package is being continuously monitored by Central and State governments. Finance Ministry, the concerned Ministries, Cabinet Secretariat and PMO are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the relief measures reach the needy swiftly and in line with the intent of the lock down.


The following financial assistance (cash amount) has been released to beneficiaries till 22ndApril 2020, under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package.

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Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package

Total Direct Benefit Transfer till 22/04/2020                                 


Number of Beneficiaries

Amount transferred

Support to PMJDY women account holders


10,025 Cr

Support to NSAP (Aged widows, Divyang, Senior citizen)

2.82 Cr (100%)

  1405 Cr

Front-loaded payments to farmers under PM-KISAN

8 Cr (out of 8 Cr)

16,146 Cr

Support to Building & Other Construction workers

2.17 Cr

   3497 Cr

24% contribution to EPFO

0.10 Cr

162 Cr


33.14 Cr

31,235 Cr


Fintech and digital technology have been employed for swift and efficient transfer to the beneficiary. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), i.e. transfer that ensures that the amount is directly credited into the account of the beneficiary, eliminates leakage and improves efficiency has been employed. This has also ensured credit to the beneficiary’s account without the need for the beneficiary to physically go to the branch.


The progress achieved so far, under various components of PMGKP is as follows:


  1. Pradhan MantriGaribKalyanAnn Yojana :-


So far 40.03 Lakh MT of food grains have been lifted by 36 States/UTs out of 40 Lakh MT for April. 19.63 lakh MT has been distributed by 31 States/UT to 39.27crore beneficiaries covered by 1.19 Crore Ration cards as April 2020 entitlement.


1,09,227 MT of Pulses have also been dispatched to various states/UTs.


  1. Free Gas Cylinders to Pradhan MantriUjjwalaYojana beneficiaries:-


Total 3.05crore cylinders have been booked under this PMUY scheme so far and 2.66 crorePMUY free cylinders already delivered to beneficiaries.


  1. Nonrefundable advance of 75% of outstanding balance or 3 months’ wages, whichever is lower allowed to the members EPFO:-
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6.06 lakh members of EPFOhave availed online withdrawal of Rs. 1954 croreso far.


  1. EPF contribution for 3 months; Payment of 24% of Wages as contribution to EPFO members drawing wages below Rs 15000 per months in establishment up to 100 workers.
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An amount of Rs.1000 crorehas already been released to EPFOfor the Scheme for the month of April, 2020.78.74 lakh beneficiaries and concerned establishments have been informed. A scheme to implement the announcement finalized. FAQshas been put on the website.

A total of 10.6 lakh employees have benefitted so far and a total of Rs. 162.11 crore has been transferred in 68,775 establishments.


  1. MNREGA:-

Increased rate has been notified w.e.f 01-04-2020.In the current financial year, 1.27croreperson’s man-days of work generated. Further, Rs 7300 crore released to states to liquidate pending dues of both wage and material.


  1. Insurance Scheme for health workers in Government Hospitals and Health Care Centres :-


The Scheme has been operationalised by New India Assurance covering 22.12 Lakh health workers.


  1. Support to Farmers :-


 Of the total disbursement, Rs 16,146crore has gone towards payment of the first instalment of PM-KISANUnder the scheme, all8crore out of the 8 crore identified beneficiaries got 2,000 directly in their account.


  1. Support to PMJDY Women account holders:-


As large number of household in India are largely managed by the women, under the package, as many as 20.05crore women Jan Dhan account holders received 500 each in their account. As on 22nd April,2020, the total disbursement under the head was 10,025crore.

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  1. Support to old age persons, widows and disabled persons:-


The National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)disbursed about 1,405crore to about 2.82 crore old age persons, widows and disabled persons. Each beneficiary received an ex-gratia cash of Rs 500 under the scheme as the first instalment. Another instalment of Rs 500 each will be paid during next month.

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  1. Support to Building & other Construction workers:-


As many as 2.17croreBuilding &construction workers received financial support from the Building and Construction Workers’ Fund managed by state governments. Under this Rs 3,497crore has been  given to beneficiaries.


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