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Pravin Shetty is a leading name in the segment of ‘fitness training’ in India. He has been offering very dedicated escorts at his Achiever Fitness Center, Chinchwad East, Thermax Chowk, Above HDFC Bank Sambhaji Nagar,Pune and has earned compliments from his admirers and critics alike. His method of fitness training is held as unique and very effective because of the core techniques that resonate precisely with the human biochemistries and ensure metabolic corrections towards the best results. He is known as a pioneer of customized fitness escorts and this makes him really desirable.
About Pravin –
Pravin was always inspired by the idea of fitness and was a gym enthusiast since his days of childhood. This fancy in him never went down and later he made it a passion of his life. Today, he is a demanded name in fitness training. A resident of Pimpri Chinchwad city, his schooling was done at Kamalnayan Bajaj School and after than we went to Dr. D Y Patil College of Engineering in Pune. However as said, his affinities with health and fitness were very strong and he made the same his career. Apart from offering personalized fitness coaching and counseling to seekers at his Achiever Fitness Center, he also caters to the corporate world. He is the lead trainer at Xtreme Tooling and many more firms of repute that call for his services to keep their HR fit and active. His fitness modules ensure that employees remain buoyant and full of energy and understand the significance of health in life.
Pravin’s Initiative
Pravin has taken initiative in Rahul Shinde’s Company Xtreme Tooling to make fit everybody.Rahul Shinde whose weight was 107 kgs , now he has reduced 20 Kgs.Rahul Shinde Director of Xtreme Tooling, manufactures The cemented carbide tools could be called as the smart inventions which have revolutionized the cutting, drilling and milling tasks. Carbide end mills and solid carbide drills are actively used to remove the materials like steel and other hard substrates. Carbide tools have emerged as the most popular choice for cutting, grinding, drilling, turning and milling tasks among the three commonly used types — the steel cutters, the carbide cutters, and the diamond cutters. While we discussed as why and how carbide scores better than steel tools, the diamond tools are the latest machining tools because of optimized sturdiness and wear resistance and hence economy! Despite this fact of diamond tools, the carbide reamers, drillers and cutters continue as the popular choice!
XTREME TOOLING INDIA Has A Team Of Highly Qualified And Technically Competent Professionals Who Can Develop Any Type Of  Carbide Cutting Tools To National And International Standard Highest Quality

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