Rahul Gandhi comes under fire again; this time, FM Nirmala Sitharaman accuses Rahul Gandhi of becoming a “Doomsday man of India.”; Rahul Gandhi and his one-liners.

The war of words and antagonism between the Congress party and the BJP has taken a new twist and perhaps the best outburst to date from the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who is mostly known for her calm demeanor.

The FM on Saturday, replying to the discussion on Union Budget 2021 in the Lok Sabha, finally lost her cool and accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying he is probably becoming the “doomsday man” of India and further noted that he was building “fake narratives” that “demean” the country.

However, she did not stop there and posed ten questions about Rahul Gandhi’s speech, which according to her, were based on the ongoing farmers’ protest and had nothing to do with the Union Budget 2021.

Rahul Gandhi has lately come out of his slumber and has been dishing out some harsh words at the BJP led government.

On Friday, Rahul Gandhi went as far as calling PM Narendra Modi of being “a coward” who cannot stand up to the Chinese; I can’t imagine as to why he is not standing up to the Chinese.

Addressing a press conference from Congress headquarters in Delhi, he launched into a slew of words that alleged that the PM has “not fulfilled the responsibility of protecting India’s territory” and instead seeded territory to China.

His exact banter “the PM is a coward who cannot stand up to the Chinese. He is spitting on the sacrifice of our Army. He s betraying the sacrifice of our army. Nobody in India should be allowed to do it”.

It is ironic that Rahul Gandhi should say such as not a few days ago and consistently at that he and the Congress party have been questioning the Army’s intent and have repeatedly asked disrespecting questions on the Indian Army’s handling of the Chinese intrusion.

In fact, Rahul Gandhi, on 21 June 2019, had tweeted two pictures in the caption of New India; the said pictures were taken from Army Dog Unit, wherein the unit’s dogs were doing exercise with the army soldiers on Yoga Day.

The highly disrespectful comments on the Armed Forces’ “intent” also invited critique from the Army veterans and a few veterans from the CAPF who slammed Rahul Gandhi and asked him to keep politics aside and “support and trust” the armed forces.

Nirmala Sitharaman 10 valid Questions for Rahul Gandhi

  1. The FM asked Rahul Gandhi to explain the Congress’s U-turn of farmers reforms as similar promises were part of Congress’s election manifesto earlier.
  2. Why have farm loan waivers not been implemented in Madya Pradesh (when Congress was in power), Rajasthan?
  3. Why would Rahul Gandhi say something on Punjab’s ‘Kala Kannon’ that has provision to send farmers to jail? He should instead have asked the Punjab Cm to repeal that law.
  4. Why has Rahul Gandhi not said on the issue of stubble burning?
  5. In her sixth – she referred to Gandhi’s ‘Hum do, Hamare do’ jibe – asking she expected Rahul Gandhi to announce that he had also asked ‘his two’ to return lands to farmers that were acquired at throwaway prices.
  6. She drew attention to the fact that hadn’t the Congress party disrespect Manmohan Singh after PM Modi quoted Manmohan Singh on-farm reforms. Has the Congress party started to forget Manmohan Singh’s ideas?
  7. She asked Rahul Gandhi to point out at least one clause of the three laws that is anti-farmer.
  8. She asked if he could show one proof of APMC being closed anywhere in the country.
  9. Why does Rahul Gandhi choose to insult the constitutional authorities?
  10. Finally, she asked him about the fake narrative that he is building identifying with the ‘break India fringe group.’

She then concluded her questioning by calling Rahul Gandhi a veteran leader and perhaps becoming a doomsday man of India.

Rahul Gandhi’s smart talk

Rahul Gandhi of late has become a one-liner politician; he has increasingly been coming up with controversial statements that can leave one scratching their head as to what political parties have come to.

One of his most controversial and disrespectful statements was that all thieves have Modi in their names can leave anyone stunned.

In fact, Rahul Gandhi has been on a trip when it comes to displaying talk that is divisive, vicious, and hateful. In a rally in Karnataka, he asked the audience – Why do all thieves have Modi in their names – Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, or Narendra Modi. This is probably the cheapest potshot taken at a fellow politician and also the PM of the country.

Again in another rally, he also had accused Modi of indulging in Khoon ki dalali with the blood of the Indian soldiers.

Arhar Modi was coined by Rahul Gandhi, ridiculing BJP’s slogan “Ghar Ghar Modi” in a sixteen-minute speech in the parliament in July 2016.

Modi Ji’s Fair and Lovely Yojna, again in 2016 speaking in the Lok Sabha, had sneered and took a jibe saying nobody who has black money will be jailed under Modi’s ‘Fair and Lovely’ scheme and all those who have black money can make it white under this scheme.

These are just some of the examples of this smart one-liner spuing politician who has otherwise been unable to make his mark in the Indian political scenario other than through his quotes.

Today while his entire approach towards the Armed Forces has changed and he is singing a different tune, not long ago, he was also lambasting the Armed Forces and doubting their actions and intent.

Rahul Gandhi’s statements and his backing on a particular issue changes as fast as a chameleon changes its colors.

Perhaps, he needs to take a breather and decide for once and all as to what is his actual objections when it comes to opposing just about any policy of the Central government.

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