Return Of Sonia Dhawan: A Blackmailer & Extortionist At Paytm! Is Paytm Acting As Prisoner Rehabilitation Organization

If you are working in a company and the owner of the company makes a police complaint against you for theft and blackmailing and you get arrested and land in jail.
Will you ever join back the same company?
The obvious answer is No- Never.
Especially if you are a female where your entire reputation and public image has been tarnished with continuous public news & media, the situation will get worse for you if you are an employee of a nationally and internationally famous company like PayTm, you will never be able to get back the same respect, reputation if you land in jail for almost 5 months and entire print media, TV and Radio is full of your news being jailed along with your name and images.
But let us surprise and shock you today. For Sonia Dhawan the answer is Yes.
Let us take you back in 2018 to tell you the matter.
In 2018 Dhawan was arrested on October 22, 2018 after Ajay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm senior Vice President and brother of Vijay Shekhar Sharma, had lodged an FIR against her, her husband Rupak Jain and other Paytm employees, including Rohit Chomwal, for stealing private data and trying to extort Rs 10 crore from Sharma.
Soon after her arrest, Dhawan‘s lawyer had alleged that the promoters of Paytm were pressuring her to sell her stake in the company and that she had been framed.
Incidentally, the then Station House Officer (SHO), Manoj Pant of Sector-20 Police Station in Noida, probing the case was arrested along with two other journalists for allegedly extorting money from a city-based businessman. Some other policemen were later also suspended. Pant was also the investigating officer in the Paytm case.
As per the chargesheet, which was filed on December 6, Dhawan, Jain, Devendra Kumar, also an employee of Paytm, and Rohit Chomwal, who sought protection from arrest from the Allahabad High Court last month, have been charged under multiple sections related to theft, extortion and criminal conspiracy, among others.
“Noida police were in possession of documentary evidences and submissions from witnesses that corroborated the complaint registered by the complainant, after which the police decided to go ahead with the chargesheet,”.
“Plus, the submissions made by Chomwal in the (Allahabad High) Court, details of his conversations with Sonia (Dhawan) and Rupak (Jain), has also proved that all four of them were working in complete coordination till they were caught.” he added.
Pant also said that the police has also recovered the data that Devendra Kumar obtained from Dhawan, allegedly with the knowledge of her husband, confirming there was “criminal data-theft of a severe nature.”
“It contained a lot of confidential data that could have affected the company and ..
Coming back to the present situation of 2019
Sonia Dhawan, who spent almost six months in jail over an alleged extortion bid against Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, is back at Paytm. Dhawan has joined One97 Communication’s gaming fund Gamepind Entertainment. The company is planning to go for funding round over the next few weeks. Dhawan had recently joined Sheroes, a company in which Sharma is one of the key investors.
“Sonia Dhawan has joined as head of corporate communications and marketing.” the firm said.
Now few questions that comes to the mind-
1. Is Paytm Acting As Prisoner Rehabilitation Company
2. Was Sonia Dhawan Arrest a publicity stunt?
3. Is This a Hate-Love Story between sonia dhawan and vijay shekhar sharma?
4. Was She Jailed To Pressure Her To Sell Her Stake In The Company?
5. Has She Come Back To Take The Revenge? Is this a payback time for Paytm?
6. Has She Agreed To Give Her Stake For Which She Was Been Conspired ?
7. Has PayTm Used The Law & Order Of Our Country For Their Own Publicity? A country where there are more than crores of pending cases?
Now what ever the reality is but the fact of the matter is that Sonia Dhawan has joined back the company even though In March, Paytm issued a statement that said “no accused is joining back the company till the time the court matter is concluded.”
Confirming her appointment, Dhawan said, “It’s good to be back to the normal work routine. With my experience in building brands and public relations, I am confident to make a new beginning… I am innocent and I expect the court case to conclude in the coming time.”
Dhawan, in her plea before the high court, “claimed innocence and laid stress on the fact that there is nothing concrete emerging against her and it cannot be said that the applicant ever indulged in any illegal activity secretly obtaining any data from the laptop of any device of the informant or his company and she never blackmailed as such.”

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