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Shriram Automall – India’s Largest Platform for Transaction of Pre-Owned Vehicle & Equipment

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) is considered as the leading name for providing best in class used vehicles and equipment through the most innovative bidding platforms in the country.

With 70+ Automalls, 150+ Bidding Platforms and a Head Office in Netaji Subhash Place (NSP), company is the only name that provides Physical Bidding Platform for acquisition and disposal of desired used automotives.

Being the OneStop Platform for used vehicles and equipment transactions, company was named Shriram Automall, as company is very much like a mall of used automotives, where customers from anywhere and everywhere in India can visit to acquire and dispose their desired used vehicles and equipment. Also, company being the 100% subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC) – The largest NBFC in the country has a major hold of the used vehicle and equipment sector and that differentiate it.

As a first step SAMIL initiated its journey by inaugurating the first Automall Facility in Chennai on 26th February’2011. Since then with an aim to provide most organized used vehicles and equipment transaction platforms and services to our esteem customers, company have expanded in every nook and corner of the country.

Being the leading name Shriram Automall focuses on targeting all types of used vehicles and equipment demand in the country through its well established majority of Automalls in every nook and corner of rural & semi urban areas. Thereby company earns a leading edge among its peers. SAMIL through its huge infrastructure and innovative transaction practices is the only platform that provides value for money in the most transparent way possible.

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In a short span of 6 years, while sticking to its corporate core values & vision to evolve, company have successfully served customer base of over 6, 50,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS accounting for over 5, 50,000 TRANSACTIONS till now, which tells a great success story in itself.

Shriram Automall is moving ahead with great momentum and plans to capture a larger share of the industry. With the great H1 and up going growth of pre-owned vehicles & equipment industry, company is determined to further expand in the country by adding 10+ new Automalls in currently existing 70+ well established Automalls, making it to be total 80+ Automalls by October 2018.

In the country where used automotive markets have always been the most unorganized one, it was a challenge for SAMIL to rise as the No.1 Organized Choice for the customers all across the country. As among many challenges that company faced in the way of its huge success biggest one was to make the market understand the concept of “Automall” and “Physical Bidding”. Yet, company being the first of a kind in the organized sector, took the responsibility to educate people about transparent & unique platforms and thereby changing the face of the entire used automotive industry.

After receiving robust business in H1, Company is now aiming high to grow at 30 – 35% in next 2 years, aiming to make Shriram Automall the only platform for trading pre-owned assets having tangible physical presence spanning all major cities of India, providing high quality services while continually striving to connect & build strong relation with prospective customers.


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