The Effectiveness Of Technology-Based Teaching Methods As Compared To Traditional Approaches


Over years technology has played a major role in educational innovation, helping both teachers and students to improvise their skills and flexibility in their learning practices. Technology implementation in the classroom has become a major aspect of successful teaching. This allows children to learn difficult topics or subjects in an easy way if, they are taught in the pictorial or graphical presentation. It enhances their innovative and creative thinking and also has practical knowledge of the subject.

Today’s environment is very important for the student to be globally competent and they need strong computing skills to get admission in Top MBA Colleges in Chennai which has made mandatory to integrate technology into class rooms.

Using technology based methods like the Internet, Satellite broadcasts, audios, videos, webcasts etc. are some of the technology based learning methods. One of the most vastly developing methods using technology is online learning. The students preparing for KCET 2018 examination can get hands on all the study materials and coaching through online mode.

The impact of technology based learning on students are very much positive and results are successful, it has motivated their confidence to understand problematic theories in creative and easy ways, it has also an advantage of aiding information if the student is not able to attend any of his/her class in an emergency situation.

Most common methods and tools used in technology

  • Tutorials: These are self- paced training programs delivered online or CD-ROM; they may contain audio and video and allow learners to control key aspects of the learning experience.
  • Learning Management Systems: Typically register, report on learner progress, assessment results and skill gaps for instructors etc are done using this system tool.
  • E-learning: online materials are available for the student who wants to pursue their education apart from full time colleges. There are many well known universities which encourage distance education programs to make the education system more flexible. They also provide online coaching classes for students who feel difficult in some subjects.

The advantages of the technology based learning compare to the old traditional methods:

  • The effectiveness of both varies in the final result of understanding the matter.
  • Student satisfaction with the e-learning method was more significant.
  • E-learning method is potentially more cost-effective than the traditional method of teaching.
  • The student interprets more than the teacher and inherits more information.
  • The students determining the subject matter understanding in depth of the topic and gaining practical knowledge.
  • Motivation in students is high due to the involvement in subjects that are closer to them and to the use of technology.
  • There is no fixed location needed to the learning to take place.
  • Time saving by means of writing on board and preparing for the lectures.
  • Economically beneficial as it needs very less infrastructure.

Both Traditional Based learning and Technology based learning has its own boon and bane. But in the end, it depends on each individual comfort and interest in the way of learning.

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