The Man behind Slow Poisoning of Cash

Recalling how from being known as the ‘One97 guy’ to becoming the Paytm chief, Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that there is no better time than now to be an entrepreneur in India. In his sassy avatar he has openly disclosed it to the world how things never came handy to him and how he has toiled hard like all others in the row to achieve his dreams and be where he is today.

Going back into the memory lane he reminisces the time when he couldn’t even buy 2 cups of tea and today his venture “Paytm” has won him great name and drawn huge amounts of funding from the likes of Masayoshi Son, Sharma said that it is never easy to build something of value and scale but the returns on such investment are manifold and worth every ounce of your effort, “especially if all the socio-economic forces are working in your favour as they are for every deserving Indian entrepreneur today.”

The man, who dependably wears an inviting grin, stands consistent with each word he composed amid the most troublesome occasions of his life. Vijay Shekhar Sharma possesses an organization whose present esteem is somewhat over $3 billion in the market in 2016, a fantasy envisioned when he was attempting to make a decent living with Rs 10 in pocket. Be that as it may, he tasted triumph the most difficult way possible. Nothing came simple for him. The tears he held up behind the chirpy self that he places up before the world couldn’t be covered up for drawn-out period of time recalling his voyage. Strangely, it was not discussing his disappointments that got tears his eyes; it was his well-deserved triumph.

Life tried him directly from the earliest starting point of his voyage to end up a standout amongst the most compelling individuals in the business world today. In spite of the fact that he passed his higher optional when he was only 14 years of age, a kid wonder of sorts, enduring school was the principal intense test he confronted when he left the comfortable solace of his little main residence outside Aligarh and wandered into this present reality.

This common man turned billionaire still wishes to be pinched in order to make him realize that the dreams which he had dreamt of in times have indeed come true. To the amazement of many, Sharma still believes that, “It (his success) still seems so surreal.” He wish of wanting to eradicate the concept of currency in our country is slowly beginning to take shape. And from the time our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun to advertise to use Paytm digital wallet, he seems to have been living the cloud nine life. Well, all we can wish him is luck and provoke him to see his bright future ahead. All hail to this man!

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