The Multi-Talented ‘Event Guru’ – Anuj Chuke Created A Revolution In “Event Industry”


The day we all wait for in the entire week is Sunday. Because Sunday is a movie day! You somehow managed to book an appointment with the TV remote, pushing your sibling off and sitting at the right moment to watch your favorite movie. Oh well, this type of movie watching was the favorite time of our childhood. And everyone had at least one celebrity they wanted to see, meet, get an autograph, photograph, etc. Well, all such things remain as some foolish dream. But let me introduce you to a person who is living that life now. Anuj chuke is the Founder and Art Manager of “Shubh Mangalam Celebrity and Event Management Company”. Anuj has 7 years of experience in the Event and Entertainment industry and is a man that is living a dream. Event management and celebrity management is just a cakewalk for him now. He loves what he does and especially his job. Passionate about it, he has given all his time and hard work to what he does. But one may wonder how is that possible, we’ll it did take him a long way to reach here. When he started, things were indeed difficult. Starting small and working all kinds of jobs, he built his foundation which is laid strong in from of us. With hard work and dedication, nothing seemed impossible to Anuj.

Today, after all these years of consistent focus, he is a well-known personality of the Event Industry. He is also the epitome of Modelling Glamour World. Anuj is always available with a helping hand to all the struggling actors to express themselves. He provides them a platform where they can work on themselves and easily build their careers in the industry. Anuj has created a revolution in the Event industry. A genuine person with a dedicated and passionate heart is now, known as ‘the Events Guru’. He is flawless and exemplary at managing and handling the promotion events of celebrities, campaigns, and marketing as well. Do not even question his management skill. It will leave you wondering how a person can even do all these things. From managing his Shubh Mangalam Celebrity and Events firm to making artists stand firm on their fear, he is an absolute gamechanger.

 If you all are thinking he is good at only Event management, then you are so wrong, he excelled in jobs including that of an Artist Manager, Designer, and Fashion Show Organizer, Model coordinator, Serials, Music Albums, and TVC advertisements Casting Director.

His work is not just limited until here; he is also involved in celebrity brand endorsement and digital social marketing. He is truly a hard worker and an all-rounder. From managing shows and events to make them successful in providing a platform to the struggling artists, he is an absolute and exemplary at his work. A man with so many dreams in him woke up from his sleep and decided to live it, and today he is indeed living it. He is an inspiration, motivator, and an absolute example of how hard work and true dedication is going to take your miles. The act of simplicity and the never give up mindset is what made Anuj Chuke the Events Guru.

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