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uLektz.com is designed to be the operating system for higher education providing a social learning platform exclusively for universities and colleges catering to higher education. It helps to connect students, educators and entire stakeholders of higher education worldwide and provide them curated excellent resources and services for enhancing education, skills and careers through its system. It also supports colleges and universities to empower digital education by providing them their systematic and exclusive mobile apps (cloud-based educational ERP) for learning and campus administration.

uLektz has come up a long way with so many solutions and strategies in the field of education. Let’s get to know more about it.

uLektz Books with a distinct feature and an emphasis on learning has developed a special supporting functionality for e-books, lecture notes, curated videos and important questions for online and offline access. Online book store makes e-books available in page format which can be read by users through internet. The virtual education support through e books, notes, online course content pauses the physical barricades and enable round the clock availability with multiple times access to the books. It is very simple to access with user friendly steps.

uLektz is moving ahead in the higher education industry with the out of the box approach and the digitalized mechanism with online books, content through reading device. The notes or the content can be read on the screen easily at any point of time. With one step ahead in this industry and a right combination of technology along with right content, uLektz has developed an eco-friendly opportunity which reduces cost and eradicates ecological impact. Even for students it’s difficult to carry hardbound heavy books. It’s quite easy to carry an eReader containing the entire relevant content for their learning and hence it is preferred by students.

uLektz is not only providing the e-books and the content to read but also arranging experts predicted important questions to prepare for the exams and score high marks which makes it a fruitful platform for students to connect and clear their concepts with online solutions.

Apart from eBooks the trend and the influence of videos specially for students have really gone high. So, in the interest of students learning and generating a standardized platform for colleges and universities, uLektz has also enabled another feature of curated videos. Now let’s understand what exactly curated videos is and how does it help students and the academicians in learning and development.

Curated videos are the relevant and best collection of videos with the sequence compilation along with the expert’s findings so that students can have right direction and guidance in referring to the videos with right form of information which reduces the search time and eliminates the scope of confusion due to multiple irrelevant videos on one topic. The service to implement content curation is another important contribution in the market place for raising the standards and offering the global digitalize solutions to higher education.

With such prolific contribution to higher education, uLektz is no more a small name with each successful step and a globalized view for overall development.

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