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What’s your #status? Make one with DigiBaapp

With the advent of the digital era, this question no longer seems to be only related to one’s
relationship inquiry. From a newbie to a pro, how equipped is your business when it comes
to being in-line with online?
Being online is like being on a world tour that never ends. Every connection you come
across, opens up your globetrotter vision to a storyteller view. Social media is the new hat
with profound traditions. The screens may have changed, but the story is still about the
conversation and engagement. Imbibing this pattern of thought process and adapting with
the new age communication, Sagar Karne started Digibaapp, a one year old digital
marketing company.
While the leaders aim for the big fishes in the sea, Mr. Karne seeks small businesses and
turns them into proficient ones. What makes Digibaapp unique (except or the name of
course) is the belief in Through-The- Line (TTL) strategy. The company focuses on providing customized solutions to every customer through a strong web and digital presence.

Keep it clicking
With a total working experience of over 15 years into digital space, Mr. Karne has gained
maximum exposure and expertise by working with a Dubai based firm. To him, the
fulfilment of an idea takes place in the form of a satisfactory testimonial from his client.
Prioritizing client’s requirement, Mr. Karne believes outside or inside the box is passé but
through is the only way true.

More of an evolution than revolution.
Digital communication is all about evolution to connect: with culture, people, information,
and stories. It doesn’t transcend or replace traditional methods but blends with it to make
the reach consistent. Sagar Karne believes in digital communication rather than marketing.
It’s not about hard-selling the products/services but rather serving what the consumer is
looking for: consumption of his desires. His approach is consumer-centric.
Mr. Karne says, ‘’Every brand has to have a strong digital presence. It’s not only the need of
the hour, but the feed of your business. People get influenced not only by a business’s
presence but the regular engagement activity with their current and potential customers.
Out of sight, out of mind still holds true.’’
Forefronts of digital communication
From Rann of Kutch to northern lights, everything can be captured real-time. You can look
up for the best sushi or tacos in town and get them delivered to your place. It’s not only the
best times of hashtags but also of choices and convenience. According to Mr. Karne, these
are the frontiers that power our digital world:

  • Social media
  • Content
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Blogs
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Real-time engagement
  • Influencer marketing
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In and out
According to Mr. Karne, a perfect example that is a perfect hit in the market when it comes
to their engagement with consumers would be Amul. People await Amul mascot’s take on
the current affair. He is of the opinion that many companies are doing re-targeting ad to
attract past visitors to convert, which is quite a good strategy.
Mr. Karne aims to make Digibaapp a reflective implication of the TTL strategy. As for the
future plans, he sees the company being equipped with best resources to deliver their best
to their clients. He is looking forward to increase the strength of baapp (masters) to serve
better focusing more on the futuristic tools like video, memes, etc.
In terms of strategy, he would rather focus on quality than quantity when it comes to
providing digital solutions.
We are consuming information constantly which is why Mobile rules the digital landscape.
This makes it ideal or rather imperative for a brand to focus on cross-device communication.
The deep root behind a purchase is mostly desire. This is why Influencer Marketing is more
likely to be a trend that will be picked on and used as a brand strategy. The key task
however will be to leverage it with someone who reflects brand’s values best and helps to
advocate and sway social consumers.
Sagar Karne has been featured in a local newspaper called Vaibhav newspaper in circulation in Thane, Mumbai. He has also given varied business presentations in networking organisations and groups like Networking Square, BNI, etc.
Take away tit-bit
To sum it up, digital communication helps to connect with a larger audience and know their
preferences but personalisation and exclusivity will never go out of style. The idea is to
make the best cocktail of the two.

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To get in touch with Mr.Karne:
Call : +91 9870718932
Email : [email protected]
Web: www.digibaapp.com



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