Teen Students: Pandemic Has Worst Affected Them, But No One Cares

The covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the entire planet in the most drastic way that could ever be possible, including students. The impacts that it created could be glimpsed in every possible side of life. Each and every sector no matter how big or small was hit hard by this pandemic severely, leading to a great downfall in the growth of all kinds.

The greatest affected sector that came to a halt during covid-19 was the education sector; it was adversely affected by this disaster that came along covid-19. This was the reason why most of the countries decided to put an entire lockdown throughout the nations thus leading to the loss of studies and knowledge because of which the students had to suffer.

Other Indian sectors v/s educational sector


Everything related to education is striving hard to deal with the existing effects of covid-19 but is, however, being unable to do so. The impact of covid-19 has been severe and disastrous on each and every sector including agriculture, marketing, and travel along with several others but the losses that were incurred by the educational sector cannot be revived back or compensated in the near future, unlike others.

The other sectors who had losses in their revenues and profits could manage to raise them by the employment of several strategies and ideas but the students who lost their knowledge and other aspects in terms of studies could never get it back at any cost.

Effects of Covid pandemic reflecting on students and their future

The entire process of teaching and learning has been shifted to the online mode in spite of the fact that most Indian students do not have access to the internet or electronic devices. In spite of the fact that the schools and colleges are trying to cope up with the studies through an online mode of learning, the actual knowledge that could be gained through offline classes can never be fulfilled.

The students have lost their chance to explore their college life in both aspects socially and mentally. The students at the present time do not have any knowledge of what they are capable of doing in the future because of the lack of practical skills that they might have been provided with during classes in the normal times and the offline mode. 

Several future endorsements and job opportunities which require practical skills

A minor example of the existing losses could be depicted by the mass communication students who are in their final years and yet unaware of the procedures to conduct an interview or things related to the same. All of it does leave a negative impact on their resume or skills which are required in the near future for several job opportunities or employment in a similar sector.

These students would find it hard to manage with the on-screen actions or skills required to face the interviewees when expected to do so. The students who were looking for internships or job opportunities with the assistance of placement cells of their colleges are now unable to do so because of the lack of the qualifications and skills required for the same. 

Most college students are unaware of the fact that internships are for gaining experience and knowledge which would further add to their resume in a positive manner enabling them to get better job opportunities in the future. The students of the medical sector are yet unaware of the practical skills that are required in order to follow their aims and become successful in their fields.

The lack of practical skills that they hold would make them incompetent among the students of the past batches possibly making them less efficient. All these drawbacks have only arrived due to the existing condition of covid-19 which have deprived the students of the knowledge and understanding of several things that they are required to have to survive their future endeavors.

Market crowd: Is it better than opening educational institutions?

It is seen that several markets and areas have been opened back considering the existing situation which however turns out to be something better than the past. The restaurants all over along with cafeterias are back to services with 50% dining and delivery all around with the necessary precautions that they advised to take. 

However, why is this protocol not applied in the sector of education wherein the college students should be allowed to go to the college for the practical knowledge related to their college education by taking necessary precautions? This small step, if taken in the right manner, could generate immense knowledge and a set of competitive skills that the students might require in order to get employed in the future. 

A shift in the educational calendars

Several educational institutions have shifted their academic years and exams due to the persisting conditions. However, several colleges have also declined to take exams that are said to be beneficial or supportive to the students who are unable to manage or cope up with online classes. The students from the minor sections might not have access to the necessary equipment required for online classes and thus this decision proves to be a boon for them, but it proves to have a negative impact on the ones who get to pass their exams without learning a bit of what must be known. 

It is common for the students to not attend online classes by giving reasons which are not even applicable but cannot be questioned due to the possibility of them having the chance to face severe issues in such times. The government, teachers, and institutions are taking chances with the students’ lives which might prove to be disastrous in the near future leaving them with no employment opportunities or skill set to earn a livelihood.

Hardships caused to the teaching staff

Moving forward, the pandemic did not only prove to be a bane for the students but also caused severe difficulties in the lives of teachers who hardly had the knowledge of technology or computers which were required to be employed in order to continue with the online process of learning and teaching. The problem of internet connectivity and unavailability of necessary resources also caused a problem in the lives of both teachers and students. 

We are all aware of the fact that the rural people are the ones in society who are howsoever deprived of such resources in the majority and their failure to be a part of online processes leaves them with no option but to remain ill-informed and incompetent.

Education has its own significance while technology has its own drawbacks

We are all aware of the importance of education in our life which prepares us for a better tomorrow. First of all, education is a key which is used by each and every section of the society for their development and thus it becomes a part of a better tomorrow which allows for future endorsements and employment opportunities, which nothing else could have been capable of. Education is the right of students which allows them to know about what is going to support them in their future, may it be mentally, socially, or economically. 

We are also aware that technology has become the other most important thing in the lives of people in the present times which is difficult to get rid of. None of the sectors in India or anywhere else including universities and colleges could work without the existence of technology and the features that it provides for better functioning. However, technology also has the strength to bring about a great difference among the rich and poor sections of the society making it difficult for the minors to cope up with the existing challenges. 

In a country like India, we cannot expect everyone to have the necessary access to technology and various other electronic gadgets which further acts as a drawback in their lives making them incompetent and unqualified. The students from the minor section of the society who have the ability and competence to face the difficulties of the present world and become a professional in the future, have to go through several difficulties in order to be successful and times like the present adds to their hardships. The talent of such students gets wasted or unacknowledged, leading to the loss of manpower and efficiency in the near future. 

Unavailable exposure to the college students during the pandemic

Knowledge and learning could be done in the online mode but the practical skills and abilities that are developed offline cannot be managed with the same efficiency. Social exploration and guidance are also very necessary in the lives of students, especially the ones who are in colleges as this is the peak time where they get to develop their abilities and turn into better professionals.

The existing conditions of the covid-19 pandemic have not only affected the present but have deprived the students of a better future. There seems to be less or no positive impact in the minds of students due to the inaccessibility to proper ideas and awareness. 

Lastly, we must understand that a business owner has the possibility of earning what is lost in the present years by adding to his hard work and struggling for more profits in the future. However, it is not the same in the case of college students where the knowledge which is once lost or the practical skills that could have enabled them to be an expert cannot come back or make them efficient enough as they would have been in normal conditions. The loss incurred by the students in the educational sector cannot be incurred by any steps or processes in the near future.

Edited by Tanish Sachdev

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