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Lockdown Relaxation: The latest announcements by Maharashtra CM! COVID-19 Drugs might be given free to people in upcoming days!

On Sunday, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray proclaimed that lockdown will no longer be lifted after June 30, but would give more relaxation.

When talking on Facebook Live, CM Uddhav urged people not to go outside except in an emergency. He stated that “However, relaxation which will give does not mean that the COVID-19 crisis is ended.” He also talked about his government’s plan to deal with this pandemic and take care of the medical staff at the same time.

CM further affirmed: “Favipiravir and Remdesivir drugs are now used for coronavirus treatment. In the coming days, we may look at the feasibility of providing it free to our people.”

CM pleaded to people who have recovered from coronavirus to voluntarily donate their plasma. Uddhav declared: “Plasma therapy has proven effective against Covid-19.”

Moreover, CM stated that the “Chase the Virus” initiative is now applicable across Maharashtra.

In this campaign, Good results have been achieved in Mumbai’s hardest-hit areas, and it is now expanded to other parts of the state to combat the outbreak of coronavirus.

 Being part of the campaign, 15 close contacts of a COVID-19 patient will be compulsorily kept in institutional quarantine, and the community leader will guide people about comorbidities, meals, other facilities at the institutional quarantine, and time schedule of the clinic, etc.

“On July 1, we will commemorate the National Doctor’s Day. They are fighting for us, and I thank them. Covid-19 is not over yet, and we will tackle this problem together. We should not be impatient and go out haphazardly,” CM said.

He asked doctors between the ages of 55 and 60 to move forward and help the government in treating Covid-19 patients because their experience is important in these testing times. CM responded: “The state will take care of their wellness and will provide adequate personal protective equipment.”

Relaxation giving by CM: Salon and Beauty Palor open in Mumbai from today as part of ‘Mission begin again’

According to ANI reports, Mumbai’s barbershops and salons are reopened today.

A barbershop owner said: “I appreciate the government’s decision for allowing us to reopen barbershops and salon.We sanitize each tool before using it. The salon will also sterilize every 2 hours.”

According to a set of revised guidelines published on Thursday night, these salons have only allowed services such as haircuts, hair coloring, waxing, and threading.

Due to the rapid rise in corona cases, Mumbai police on Sunday advised the city’s residents not to move beyond the two-kilometer radius of their apartments for exercise or visit shops and salons.

A senior police officer said that walking over two kilometers was only allowed in the case to visit an office or in an emergency medical situation, appending that shopping activities outside this radius were strictly halted.


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In addition to all other basic regulations (such as wearing masks in public places), people should follow the rules of social distancing at all places. Excluding basic requirements or medical requirements, a strictly night curfew will be imposed on people and vehicles from 9 pm to 5 am.

After June 30, Maharashtra may relax restrictions on taxis, autos travel, and many sectors.

Since the state government may open more industries based on “start the mission again” after June 30, it is expected that the government will also relax restrictions on the city’s taxi and automatic rickshaw travel.

To ensure safe travel while using public transportation, the state established a 13-member task force, led by transport minister Anil Parab, to study various problems like issues faced by commuters, how to minimize the risks of Covid-19 transmission and issues faced by the industry. Its first meeting will be held through a videoconference on Friday.

Currently, the best buses are the only major public transport in Mumbai, while autos and taxis with limited capacity are only allowed for “primary use”.

A L Quadros, the head of the Mumbai Taximen’s Union, suggested that allowing taxis to gradually operate in the office area and to cater to the needs of office workers.

Besides this, CM also apprised that he has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi to expand Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Abhiyaan so that Maharashtra can continue the supply of food to the needy and poor people at low prices.

The ANI report also quoted Thackeray as saying: “Due to the model code of conduct during the election of the local body and the COVID-19 pandemic in Maharashtra, the process of waiving farm loans has been postponed. Now, we have decided to write off the loans of the remaining farmers .”


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