India’s New 2020 Policy of Personal Data Shakes Facebook, Google and Amazon For Good

India’s New 2020 Policy of Personal Data Shakes Facebook, Google and Amazon

India’s plan to regulate non-personal data has given a big blow to the US tech companies Amazon, Facebook and Google. A group representing these companies is preparing to oppose India’s proposal. This was stated in a Reuters report quoting a draft letter prepared by the group.

what counts as personal data? - which?

This is India’s new policy

In July, a panel constituted by the government recommended the establishment of a regulator for information that differs from personal information. This information is very important for companies to strengthen their business. The panel has proposed a mechanism for sharing data with companies. The panel says this will give impetus to the digital ecosystem. According to the report, if the government accepts the recommendations of the panel, then new laws will be the basis for regulating such data.

The investment will be affected by the new policy

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The US-India Business Council (USIBC), part of the US Chamber of Commerce, has called data sharing restrictions a curse to increase competition. The council says that this government effort will affect the investment made by American companies. The USIBC and the US Chamber of Commerce have opposed the need for proprietary data sharing. In this regard, the USIBC has prepared a letter which can be submitted to the IT Ministry of India in the next few weeks. The USIBC says the new recommendations are tantamount to confiscating investors’ assets and weakening intellectual property.

The group will work with the government

gdpr requirements to selling of personal data. ccpa vs. gdpr.

Infosys founder and head of government panel Chris Gopalakrishnan say the group will work with the government to review inputs from the industry. A USIBC spokesperson has not responded to the letter. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet Inc.’s Google has also not responded on the situation. The government panel report may be opened on 13 September for public response.

Non-personal data regulator new hurdle in the path of American companies

what is personally identifiable information (pii)? how to protect it under gdpr | cso online

India’s new plan to regulate non-personal data is becoming a new hurdle in the path of US tech companies. These companies are already facing a crisis in many countries regarding e-commerce rules and data storage conditions. India and the United States already have differences over several issues, including digital taxes and tariffs.

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