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New Mutated Virus Variant Spreads Across the Globe as France And Japan Face the Fear of Domestic Transmission

Just as we were hoping that somehow miraculously this virus could just disappear or we thought we will at least get used to it being around, but the virus has different plans. It’s starting to be everything we hope it shouldn’t be. As if it’s a specialized hunter, it sneaks and attacks at moment we didn’t think we will get hit. As if on cue, when the world was rewinding back to Normal or at least new normal, the virus takes another form. As its bait this time is England. Around this time last year, we saw the advent of the virus. And again, on cue, with its birthday, the coronavirus seems to have mutated in different ways around different countries and is starting to impose fear once again.

Even if this virus isn’t anyway causing illness but it seems to possess the ability to transmit faster. And because of this characteristic. The travel ban is back. Last year it was in China, this year it’s Britain. The world seems to witness a repeat in history. Because of this virus, the way other countries treat the UK has been similar to how china was treated at the advent of the virus. And the same cycle of the travel ban, lockdown, faster transmission, and so on. But there is something that is new here. It’s the fact that we have a vaccine now. Europe is rushing to begin vaccination.

With the mutation taking place in the UK, now that virus has been transmitted to several European countries and has also spread out. Canada and Japan find this new strain in their patients too. And many other countries like Spain, France, Switzerland, and Sweden found that travelers who can from the UK were also carrying this mutated virus. Starting from Monday, japan is restricting a travel ban for a month to all nonforeign residents. The first infection report was when 5 passengers arriving from the UK possessed the mutant virus in them, and now, japan further briefed that this variant has begun domestic transmission which is a severe case of worry. Travel restrictions have been imposed on many countries as soon as the news of this mutant virus was reported.

If we are to summarise the status of transmission, then we can it has transmitted to many of Europe and has started to be detected in Asia and North America too. Only if the new testing takes place, we would have many more countries coming out and will be adding their name to this list. A traveler who fell ill due to this virus in Sweden has been sent for self-isolation. Switzerland opened its ski slopes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The country was the center of attraction for its tourism and coronavirus isn’t stopping people from getting a little joy. But nobody foretold that the virus would that this sudden form. As on cue, there were some passenger detecting to having new variant and hence are being self-isolated in Switzerland.

A French citizen after arriving from London on 19th December has started to show symptoms and is currently being isolated. When the news of this new mutant virus was released alerting people about its unique ability to transmit faster saw the arrival of a strict travel ban. France literally shut all its gates from the UK and many European countries followed suit. For some time, it looked like Britain was completely cut off from the EU. A glimpse of what Brexit might look like. But since the EU took this matter in its hand to save the UK, there was some ease in the restrictions. People were seen rushing to the supermarkets to stock up for Christmas as prime minister Boris Johnson imposed a strict lockdown and Britain people had to spend their holiday indoors.

The psychology of coronavirus fear—and how to manage it — Quartz

Thousands of lorries were stuck on the decor port and had to spend Christmas in Kent waiting for any sign of movement in the English Channel. The holiday season brings joy and togetherness. Christmas and New year are days people wait for. Christmas is a festival spent with family. Every country in the world prepared to bid adios to the year with big parties and gatherings but Britain isn’t bound to celebrate it any further. Especially for Britain, after this mutant virus effects were known, the holiday isn’t as endearing as it should sound. But people are still hopeful that better days are on their way.

This virus comes with traits that have been sounding the alarm. The first fact is that this strain is seen to be replaced every other variant of the original coronavirus. And the second we can be that it seems that mutation has been taken place those parts of virus which are very important. Because of which it seems to be rising as a dominant variant. So, what have all these mutations in the virus caused it to become? It has accelerated the ability to transmit. No country could afford to have any newer number of cases. They are not ready to go through that phase once again.

All countries right from the start last year in China, are having trouble taming the transmission rate. Many people who weren’t immune enough dropped dead. We even saw how Italy faced their worst nightmare. The fact here is that the virus isn’t causing people to drop dead. But it seems to have mutated in a way that it is bound to make everyone it’s victims. Yes, the rate at which the transmission is so faster than two-third of London have already contracted it. But thankfully there is some good news in it. Europe has begun mass vaccination. But the real good news seems to be that the vaccine can be effective even on the mutated virus. As we bid adios to this nightmare filled year, the fact that we have the vaccine and can reply on it is really hopeful wish.


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