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Why People Are Porting Their Jio Sim Card to Airtel And Vi In Support Of Farmers Protest And How This Will Impact Jio Business?

The farmer’s protest has been going on in Delhi for 30 days now, farmers especially from Punjab and Haryana and from Uttar Pradesh have been camped at the borders of Delhi to protest against the farmer’s laws. Lakhs of farmers with thousands of their vehicles, trolley, trackers have been literally living in the borders of the national capital. The government blames opposition for the farmer’s protest. The opposition, on the other hand, blames the government and raised slogans for the protest. Farmers blame the government for the protest. But right now, Vodafone Idea and airtel are being blamed for farmers’ protest, stating that they are insinuating the farmers.

Mukesh Ambani owned reliance jio feels that these two competitions or should I say, the only two competitors in the telecom market have been using farmers protest to get more customers on their site and jio has also complained about it the telecom regulatory authority of India. What exactly is the issue, let’s understand in detail. But before that. Let us understand this issue in a bit more detail. First, a little update from the farmer’s protest. Farmers have said that they will not move from the borders of the national capital unless the Modi government repeal the three contentions farm law completely.

Modi government plans to convert 10 ordinances into law in first Parliament  session after returning to power

The Modi government says that it is ready for the talk and will quell the doubt of the farmers. The supreme court meanwhile, proposes setting up a committee with a representative from both the side so that the statement could be ended. The government believes that and mind you, they have been ascertained about it on every possible communication there, that the farmers are being misled. The prime minister himself has said a number of times that the farmers are being misled by the opposition leader who wants to find their lost political ground through the protest. The government basically says that farmers especially from Punjab are being provoked by the leaders of the opposition party. But while the government is busy blaming the opposition for their protest, Mukesh Ambani’s jio seems to believe that it is the Vodafone Idea and airtel who are snatching customers from it, unethically using the farmers protest.

It all started with jio approaching TRAI with a complaint. According to reports in economics times, jio has sent a letter to TRAI alleging that its rivals are running a vicious campaign against it. The letter claims that the Vodafone Idea and airtel are spreading frivolous rumors that jio will gain from the farm bill. The letter claims that the company received a large number of port-out requests these days where the customers are citing this – that is the farm bills protest as the sole reason for porting out jio. But they don’t seem to have any other complaints or issues related to jio services. Simply put, jio is saying that it believes that the two rivals are engaging in furthering the notion that jio might be benefitting due to new farm laws, and thus leading to an increased number of MNP, that is mobile number portability out of reliance jio.

The jio also adds that airtel and Vodafone’s retailers and employees are claiming that people will aid the farmers to cause by porting out their jio connection. Now, the jio also said the actions by the rival company are in violations of the principles of tariff advertisement and TRAI orders. Now, obviously, since reliance jio complained about this to TRAI, both Airtel and Vodafone issued their reply. And they too did not miss their words. Here is what airtel said in response. Airtel said that they emphatically deny this baseless charge and said that this complaint deserves to be dismissed and thrown out with the contempt that it deserves. It further said that it has been operating in the telecom industry for 25 years and during this period they have competed hard in the market place and driven to serve their customers with excellence.

The letter says the airtel takes great pride in treating its competitors and partners with respect. Vodafone Idea has also rubbished the claims made by the reliance jio. It said, “that Vodafone believes in doing business with ethics. These are baseless allegations against us to malign our reputation. We strongly refute such irresponsible comments on us” that is what the statement read. Well, the war of words between telecommunications giants apart, what exactly prompted Jio’s complaint to TRAI? Apparently, there are some stalls installed at the farmer’s protest where the protestors are asking to boycott jio and port the jio numbers to another sim. Not only jio sim card there have been calls for boycott jio products as well.

Mukesh Ambani's gigabyte ambitions for Jio

Well, the reason behind this is that the farmers believe they need farm laws that allow the private sector into the farming business, only big businesses like reliance jio of Ambani and Adani will benefit. This has been one of their main reservations since the beginning of the protest. And thus this boycott call. Jio has big dreams, we saw a few months ago in their annual fundraising, how many multi-billionaire companies were investing in them. They have a big vision for India too. Jio wants to do so many things with the very receptive India and where the Indian market is heading. It has been trying so desperately to win the hearts of the people. Especially those village-like areas which needs much development and if developed will be the biggest profit group. And in times where it was correctly heading in that direction, these new rumors have called for Boycott.

Jio was also planning very carefully on trading farmers’ goods directly to customers and by way making a direct profit for themselves and for the company too. But now, such big dreams are a threat. Farmers are the greatest support if you are to be in the field of marketing goods. But since boycott call from farmers have raised a serious ethical question on Jio’s motive. People’s trust in them has been hurt. This might really cause very big negativity for them. Jio needs to solve it’s problems and clarification soon. Or else they could lose the biggest support they may have, that is the trust of people. This news has really tampered with Jio’s reputation. So, they should really focus on those factors if they really want their dream to come true one day. Who started it, who is benefitting from it are other things, nevertheless, Jio’s name has been severely hurt. So they should focus on how they can revamp it and build people’s trust again.


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