“Bank Bazaar Helps People With The Tedious Loan Application Process.”, Says Rati Shetty About Her Journey With BankBazaar.com


Let’s begin with a back story. Back in 2007, Rati Shetty, with her husband were trying to get a home loan. She had to face so many struggles to get through with the time-consuming process for a home loan application, she knew in that instance to come up with BankBazaar.com.

Her family, background and childhood
Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Rati was always inclined towards being one, something that runs in the genes! Always inquisitive and thirsty for learning, she took her steps towards entrepreneurship when a good opportunity presented itself. She is having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai.
Post her higher education, she spent a couple of years working in Taipei and in Miami working on international projects that involved taking super successful brands from one geography to a new one, where she facilitated the operations and execution of the same. She then returned to India to start BankBazaar with Arjun, her husband.

About BankBazaar.com
Headquartered in Chennai, BankBazaar is a magnificent online marketplace which aims to inculcate financial awareness among consumers by giving them instant customized rate quotes on different financial products.
Talking about the name of the company, she laughs and tells that BankBazaar is a simple name that people across the country and outside could relate to. The name signifies a choice of banks and a one-stop-shop for comparison and application for a financial product. Well, she has a belief that if there is a name, then it should be remembered, and that is how she came up with this catchy name.
The continuous aim of BankBazaar is to offer easy, hassle-free and qualitative experiences. Rati believes a good experience gives the customer satisfaction of investing their time and that is how the customers stay. This she says, leads to the customers spreading the word about their own experiences with the product.

BankBazaar and its women army
Concentrating on the need for gender-balanced organizations, Rati says the scenario has changed, for the good. By the previous year, the growth rate of women has risen to 110 per cent, and about 22 per cent of the leadership positions are held by women within the firm. Not only this, but the firm also provides special privileges to women who are expecting their child by giving them special maternity leaves and a 6 month sabbatical after the leave. The company also offers structured reintegration and mentoring programmes so that women employees can concentrate on every aspect of their lives without compromising on their career or worrying about lost opportunities.

Maintaining her work-life balance
Rati is an all-rounder; she has balanced her professional and personal life in the best way. She believes the organization is important. It is also essential to always focus 100 per cent on any task at home or the office. The structure isn’t only applicable to the workplace and freedom isn’t limited to one’s home – by infusing freedom into the work-life, and a little structure into personal life, you’ll find you can get a lot of things done. Manage time, people and efficiently prioritise or optimise what you are doing both at home and the workplace.

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