Neha Behani: The Re-constructor of a common Jukebox with Moojic

There’s not one field in the present day, where women can be found stepping back. That is exactly what Neha Behani thought when she came up with the brainstorming idea of MOOJIC. The Co-founder, COO and CMO Moojic, Neha has graduated from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and has received her MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. After working for several years, she finally found her way to entrepreneurship.

The basic idea behind Moojic, when she came up with it was to offer a self-service in-store radio platform for retailers. she knew that there will always be a lot of scope for in-store innovation in retail.

While she was working on building a digital jukebox service for other bars and cafes, she had a realization that there are a lot of licensing and costs that are involved around playing music in-store. Also, retailers were aware that they need to play the music that’s in co-ordination with their brand identity in-store. With Moojic, she aims to address this gap. Moojic offers a self-service in-store radio platform for retailers. Her retail ambience consultants work with retail brands to prepare radio content in line with the brand identity and target audience.

Talking about the struggles behind this excellent idea, she knew she had to face upheavals with her startup. To begin with, she came across the universal problem of Limited resources, unlimited wants. She knew that finding an above-average talent costs a fortune. But she took it as a challenge and found it very exciting.

Further, keeping up with the dynamic speed of today’s technology is a task. And this makes this sector very challenging. updating with the latest in technology to better your product is almost immediate and a constant. So, amongst the various role this also comes in the priority list and as a non-techy, as she calls herself trying to adapt and adopt tech, makes it fiercely challenging.

Adding to it, Understanding and navigating through the complex maze of IPRs in the music industry in India was a very edgy challenge for her as the industry has not taken up to the digital world as it should have. So to find her place has been very time-consuming or other-wise a very costly affair. It took her about two years to figure out how and where she could be a part of the system. And that’s how she made it a banger, if not in the industry, she found a sweet spot, outside the mainstream music.

Her secret of getting ahead in the game as a woman entrepreneur is her high EQ and multitasking skills. She believes that this is a competitive edge. Her optimistic view towards life is “being a woman, will you get noticed way sooner than others. Turn that into an advantage, and channelize that attention to develop your business”
Neha Behani is a focused and intelligent woman. Her struggles are the evidence of the fact that how her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur can not be overshadowed by any challenge she ever comes across.

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