Rashi Choudhary founder of Local Banya

Vegetables and fruits are a part of daily needs and necessities of the any mans life. Grocery shopping and daily essential needs shopping is an additional task that one needs to chalk out time in the hustle and bustle of this chaotic life. But in this age of Internet and convenience everything is at your door step. If you can provide a door step service of anything then there is nothing like it. And this time when anyone who can make your life easier and more convenient can be called as an excellent service provider.
The same stands true for anyone who is providing a convenient service. Since grocery and retail is one such thing that people need every day and building a business around it is not an easy task. But to solve the problem of daily commute to the grocery store or the market and buy everything that you need. Local Baniya was started
Rashi Choudhary is the woman behind this amazing idea and is the sole reason and Inspiration who is taking the daily grocery shopping online. She has been a victim to the trouble of buying groceries by going to the market and getting the groceries where even after a whole day of searching the right ingredients and groceries are not available. And finding a parking lot for the same is also explicitly difficult in today’s day and age. Having all hose in mind she realised that she can make this experience effective by taking the daily shopping online.
Rashi Choudhary started the Local Banya an online store in the May of 2012. She saw that there was a lack of this particular idea in the Industry and started this in order to bridge the gap. When she first realised about this idea she made sure that she did not quit her job but she was really excited to execute the plan and did have sleepless nights due to the work and all the excitement that surrounded the work.
After the company came into existence there was a lot of traction and popularity that it was gaining. Although she agrees that she has been having these Entrepreneurial thoughts in her mind from childhood she admits that she actually did not quit her job as soon as she got the idea of starting a venture in fact she did so only after there was a lot of traction and a stable income in her hands.
She believes that a venture can make you successful in a lot of ways than just money, you automatically become more and more disciplined, passionate and content with your work if you start a venture of your own thereby making you as well as the venture successful.

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