COVID-19: How PM Modi’s False Positivity Drive And Bewilderment Led To The Deadliest pandemic Crisis In The world

Ambulance sirens passing one by one, people crying in the hospitals as every minute somebody passes away, social media posts flooded with people pleading for oxygen and hospital beds, and what not else! The second wave of COVID-19 in India showed dispiriting outcomes in India while millions of people lost their lives to the pernicious virus.

As the world is undergoing a baneful bio-war, we all are stuck at our homes, dodging the virus, as its mutation is turning it more deadly! The government, on the other hand, is hiding the actual number of deaths and positive cases. They are trying to give false hopes to citizens but primarily escaping from the monetary compensation, as the families who have lost their loved ones to the COVID-19 will get 2 lakh compensation.

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COVID-19 or Corona, which was something we had never heard in our life before 2020, has now become a part of almost every conversation. The news channels and mainstream media, on the other hand, are trying to save the ‘superior image’ of the central government by giving false positive affirms and blaming the people instead of blaming the responsible authorities for their mismanagement.

Of course, the people are also faulty in their ways, not wearing the masks properly, not following the social distancing properly, etc.

But the government, on the other hand, is responsible for a massive number of deaths caused due to their mismanagement and ignorance. While the Indians were dying daily due to the lack of medical amenities, the government was busy gathering votes instead of gathering vaccines and oxygen supplies. And don’t get me started about India’s vaccine crisis because we are fully aware of the most ill-planned and biased vaccination drives in the world!

Indian government’s incomprehension led to the deadliest COVID-19 pandemic in the world!

In November 2020, the Parliamentary Standing Committee presented a report on Health on Family welfare. The reported statement consisted of 190 pages which raised the concern on the emergence of the second wave of COVID-19. The report also stated the possibility of a ‘second wave-like massacre in Europe’ and highlighted the damage caused by it in the medical infrastructure and lack of medical facilities.

It also warned about the super-spreading events like festivals and events arriving in India and its possibility of leading the second wave in India. However, despite what they predicted in November of 2020, the government took these concerns very banteringly and has been celebrating the defeat of the crown, which is a feat.

Back in January of 2021 at the latest, the Prime minister stated that, contrary to the predictions, India, was the defeat of the virus, and assured the world that India is supposed to deliver ‘Made in India’ vaccines. It is true that, at the end of March or beginning of April, the general mood was festive, with the probability that it is the worst of the pandemic to be over.

Mass religious events as the Kumbha was held with great pomp and ceremony, and it seemed as if all of the restrictions had been lost. In addition, the care with which the Prime minister and the minister of the interior is carried out in the election campaign in the state’s elections, the kind with the large crowd, it seemed that COVID-19 was in danger, and it’s clear that this was not a priority.

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Even though India is undergoing a severe vaccine crisis, the vaccine export didn’t stop until April. In PM Modi’s address to the nation in April 2021, the PM asked the citizens to get themselves vaccinated by May 1, 2021. On the same day, a large share of the vaccine was exported to Paraguay, despite the citizens of his own country being deprived of vaccines. The PM’s speech exhibited vaguely and lofty assurance as if the things were under control.

No clear data regarding the things to be done to curb the second wave of COVID-19 was given. Similarly, PM Modi, in his speech on Independence Day last year, mentioned how a roadmap for the distribution and assessment of vaccines for Indians is ready. It’s ironic because thousands of Indians lost their lives due to the lack of vaccines, and if the vaccines were administered on time, they could have been saved.

No clear data, no accurate figures: What is the government trying to hide?

In Modi’s administration, false information is on a rise. Misleading death numbers, fewer COVID-19 tests to hide the actual numbers, and most importantly, false data and figures regarding the vaccines are on a huge rise. The government is concealing the genuine figures from its citizens so that they have to spend less capital. Even the number of doctors who died due to COVID-19 has been claiming falsely, as according to the government, merely 162 doctors have died, but according to the Indian Medical Association, 734 doctors lost their lives.

Similarly, in JDU-run Bihar, the number of deaths shown by the government is actually 425% less than the actual numbers. The government is trying to harass the citizens to their full potential. Reportedly the death numbers are concealed so that the government can sidestep its responsibility for paying 4 lakh compensation to each family who lost their loved ones to the virus.

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Ironically, the government and the Prime minister, who is investing a lot in their public relations, which has failed to produce a reliable, official information system for the people who did not know about the disease. We needed to have the information of hospitals, where the fields are, of oxygen, and the fans, ambulances, medicines, availability, and, most important of all, the information about the condition and how the government is planning to stay there, but all in all we had was a ring.

In the absence of a clear signal from the government, the people are forced to rely on the WhatsApp messages, incoming in the use of cow dung, and cow dung, which is a drug. In simple words, the government was not prepared for the second wave in any sense, and their baseless PR stunts and election rallies led to the deadliest COVID-19 pandemic in the world.

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