Protest Against Ramdev’s Unsubstantiated Remarks On Allopathy: Doctors Across The Country To Observe “Black Day” Today

The controversies revolving around Ramdev are not a rare sight. Ramdev is an Indian Yoga instructor and a businessman who’s currently running Patanjali. He is a firm believer in Ayurveda, and apparently, made a statement that Ayurveda is more effective than Allopathy.

His baseless allegations came after he released a video arguing on Ayurveda being better than Allopathy and how Allopathy has killed thousands of COVID-19 patients. No doubt that Ayurveda has been very effective in curing several diseases because it uses some ancient herbs but, Allopathy uses modern technological equipment and the latest discoveries revolving around human bodies, hence considered life-saving.

ima demands action against ramdev for calling allopathy 'stupid science', blaming it for covid deaths - india news

Ramdev has also mentioned that the vaccine is of “no use” and his Yoga and Ayurveda will protect him 100% from the virus. He further added that deaths caused during COVID-19 were proof that Allopathy is not 100% effective. “For decades, I have been practicing yoga and Ayurveda, so I did not feel the need to be vaccinated.

More than 100 people in India and abroad have access to these ancient treatments. In the future, Ayurveda will be accepted internationally, ”said Ramdev. Ramdev has also called Allopathy “stupid science”. The Delhi Medical Association has filed a defamation case against his mindless remarks for Allopathy.

which is more effective: homeopathy or allopathy? - बीमारी को जड़ से खत्म करने में सबसे प्रभावी होम्योपैथी या एलोपैथी? यहां जानें | patrika news

Doctors mark black day against Ramdev’s Allopathy remarks

Doctors across the country have decided to observe a “black day” as a protest movement against Ramdev’s remarks on Allopathy where he tagged the science as a “stupid science” that killed thousands of people. The “insensitive” and “derogatory” terms used by Ramdev have hurt the sentiments of thousands of doctors across the nation as they have asked for an open public apology for the comments he made on the efficiency of Allopathy.

Since when the COVID has hit India, our doctors are working day and night to ensure that the patients are treated well. These medical health workers are risking their lives, nevertheless, many doctors have lost their lives to the pernicious virus. But even after dedicating so much time, devotion, and even their lives, such a negative and baseless remark against Allopathy would surely hurt their sentiments.


The Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA), which called for a protest, said even after contradicting Ramdev’s statements, “nothing has been taken yet.” “We hereby declare the Nationwide Black Day Protest on June 1, 2021, at work, without interfering with the health services. The doctors will wear black badges to their workplaces as a part of the protest and even the IMA, Indian Medical Association have extended their support to them. “Lakhs of people have lost their lives to Allopathy, and more than that, due to the lack of oxygen,” said Ramdev in a widely shared video the previous month.

The Patanjali group, run by Ramdev, released a statement to defend their boss stating “there is no ill-will against the modern science” and the statement was issued “out of context.” The Indian Medical Association has sent a notice to Ramdev for apologizing for his baseless remarks within 15 days. And if he fails to do so, the doctor’s body would compensate Rs.1000 crore for defamation.

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